Common Swim Club Membership Issues

Common Swim Club Memberships Issues

Membership dues are a vital part of keeping a swim club running.  Unfortunately, though, many clubs struggle with these common swim club membership issues.  If not addressed, these issues will have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Cash Flow

Having a steady income, especially in the pre-season, is a necessity for swim clubs. However, many members are hesitant to commit their payments during the time you need it most – spring maintenance.  To avoid early season cashflow shortages, many clients will offer early promotions and deals.  Others may extend the time period that memberships are available.  Regardless, the best way to increase cashflow is to increase business.  Consider increasing and improving your advertising efforts, even if your marketing budget is tight.

Tracking Membership Purchases

Keeping track of who paid what can be a challenge for any business.  In the swim club world it can be even more challenging due to increased open enrollment periods and year-over-year membership gains.  Many pools are still tracking memberships manually in a notebook or excel document. This becomes overwhelming and harder to track as each year passes.

To alleviate this compounding burden, find a software solution that handles this for you. A software solution designed for swim clubs will lessen the stress of the upcoming season.  Easily find who has paid for a membership and who hasn’t as well as the ability to print reports.  With a software solution you now have time to focus on other important areas of the business. Yes, it does cost your club money upfront, but the benefits and time saved will actually end up saving money in the long-run.

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