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Manage Access Control with eSoft Planner’s Access Management Program for Sports Facilities

This new access management program feature allows for facilities to allow people access to their locations without having to physically be there every time. These locks send codes to clients with scheduled appointments. Then, it will let them into the facility during their scheduled time. 


Integration + Branding

The Smart Locks are directly integrated with eSoft Planner, so it will streamline facility management. Emails sent to clients with Access Codes and Forgotten Access codes, explained below, are specifically branded with your facility. 

By using these Smart Locks, we are able to utilize access management at a more affordable price. This makes it more cost-effective for small businesses and sports facilities. 

Access Portal

The app, or portal, allows you to manage access to your facility from anywhere. You can also manage employee access directly from the portal. 

Forgotten Access

There will be a custom-branded Forgotten Access Code page so that customers who forgot their code don’t need to get your help to access the facility. The sign-in QR code will be mounted near the entrance to the facility so they can see it quickly. This feature will make it easier for the facility and the customers! 


Revenue for Swim Club Management System

Saves Admin Time

  • Less time spent scheduling workers


Lesson Scheduling Helps Instructors

Streamlines Management

  • No double bookings
  • Validate space and instructor availability for camp/class scheduling
Keeps Costs Low

Keeps Costs Low

  • Utilize access control at affordable rates
  • No need to staff facilities 24/7 
online scheduling software for small business improves profitability

Controls Access

  • Manage access to your facility from anywhere
  • Manage employee access directly

Read A Blog Post to Learn More About Access Control Membership Programs

Create access control memberships to provide your members’ priority with scheduling online. You will enable them to utilize the facility at any time while increasing your revenue and lowering admin expenses. Read more about access control membership programs here.
24/7 Access Management Program with Access Control Membership Via Your Online Devices

If your facility or team is looking for an easy way to allow clients 24/7 access without needing employees there constantly, this access management program with eSoft will be beneficial for you. For more information, feel free to request a demo or give us a call and speak with a dedicated expert today.