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Manage Camps, Clinics, & Classes with eSoft Planner’s Camps & Class Management Software

What do you need to run your camps, classes, and clinics more smoothly and profitably? eSoft Planner is the web-based, secure, affordable, and user-friendly camp and class scheduling software module for you!

Create and manage all enrollment and billing for any group instruction. Set signup deadlines, restrict enrollment by age and date, and schedule instructors. Easily schedule classes in groups or as an ongoing series. Send instant email receipts, email confirmations, and text reminders.


Customize Your Design

  • Create camp/class categories
  • Manage facility locations for camp or class – never double book
  • Customize price based on client discount level
  • Collect t-shirt sizes
  • Offer waitlist for registration

Set Flexibility/Limitation Rules

  • Charge per session or per group of sessions
  • Use membership credits to enroll in classes
  • Set signup/refund deadlines
  • Limit camp/class sizes

Communication Tools

  • Event reminders
  • Enrollment notifications
  • Email marketing integration
  • Customizable marketing reports


Revenue for Swim Club Management System

Increase Revenue

  • Train more clients at once through group training/programming
  • Offer single day or multi day registrations for camps/clinics                                                 
Lesson Scheduling Helps Instructors

Facility Management

  • No double bookings
  • Validate space and instructor availability for camp/class scheduling
Communicate Efficiently

Communicate Efficiently

  • Send event reminders and confirmations automatically to clients and staff
  • Easy email communication with all registered customers to provide any updates
online scheduling software for small business improves profitability

Scheduling Incentives

  • Allows discounts to clients with multiple children
  • Scheduling priority
  • Discounts for members

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