• Pricing Models for Lessons

Lesson Pricing Models for Sports Facilities

Lesson Pricing Models for Sports Facilities
When it comes to lessons, and the different lesson pricing models, facility owners often have questions as to how to properly set their pricing.  Whether group or individual lessons, there …

  • Common Swim Club Membership Issues

Common Swim Club Membership Issues

Common Swim Club Memberships Issues
Membership dues are a vital part of keeping a swim club running.  Unfortunately, though, many clubs struggle with these common swim club membership issues.  If not addressed, these issues will have …

  • Sports Facility Lesson Models

Sports Facility Lesson Models

Types of Lesson Models for Sports Facilities
Holding lessons in your sports facility is a great way to boost revenue, when done correctly. With so many moving parts, facilities need an online scheduling system to keep …

  • Spring Break Camps

Spring Break Camps

Benefits of Spring Break Camps
Sports facility owners, did you know hosting spring break camps can make you a hero?  With spring break right around the corner, hundreds of kids will be home from school for …

Swim Memberships vs Pool Bonds

Swim Memberships vs Pool Bonds
To understand the advantages of swim memberships vs pool bonds it is important to first understand the history.  Pool bonds were responsible for much of the funding for the community pools …

Swim Club Management Software for HOAs

Swim Club Management Software for HOAs
Homeowners associations are responsible for various aspects of how a neighborhood is operated.  Add facilities, such as a pool, and the list of responsibilities can feel never-ending. Utilizing a swim …

Spring Promotions for Your Sports Facility

Spring Promotions for Your Sports Facility

Happy busy season! Even if temperatures are still frigid and your business is booming, now is the time to plan your spring promotions.  This will ensure you continue to bring …

Use Fitness and Skills Evaluations to Sell Memberships

Fitness and skills evaluations are important when trying to acquire new memberships for your training and sports facility. These evaluations provide a starting point and allow clients to fully understand their strengths and weaknesses.  In …

  • Client Retention

Client Retention when Instructors Leave a Sports Facility

How to Keep Clients When Instructors Go
Trainers and instructors are close with clients, helping them with personal goals during one-on-one time. School-aged clients, in particular, look up to their instructors and can get very attached. …

  • Training Program

Benefits of a Sports Performance Training Program

Benefits of a Sports Performance Training Program
If your sports facility hosts its own teams, consider developing a training program designed for those teams and their sports.  Too often, practice only focuses on team strategy, preparation …

  • Sports Equipment

Sports Facility Equipment: What and How to Buy

What Equipment do I Need for my Sports Facility Start-Up?
How do you figure out what sports equipment you need for your new sports facility? And how should you pay for it? Here are some tips …

  • Reopening Event

Critical Steps for a Reopening Event

Throwing a Reopening Event for your Sports Facility
Many high schools and leagues may have cancelled or delayed their seasons, but the game must go on for sports facilities. Perhaps you’ve already started offering services to …

  • Marketing Plan

Creating an Annual Marketing Plan for Your Sports Facility

Creating a 12-Month Marketing Plan for Your Sports Facility
What’s the best way to market your sports facility to your community? Planning ahead with developing a marketing plan is critical — whether your business is brand …

  • Sports Facility Website

How Can You Create a Sports Facility Website?

Sports Facility Website Guide Part 1: The Basics
Many new sports facility owners don’t think of themselves as “computer people.” You spend your time out on the field or the court — not in front of …

  • social media

Does Your Sports Facility Need Social Media?

How Can Your Sports Facility Utilize Social Media?
Social media should play a big role in your sports facility’s marketing plan. Is it worth a smaller facility owner’s time and resources to stay up to date …

  • Managing Cancellations

Scheduling Tips for Managing Cancellations

Scheduling Tips for Managing Cancellations
When managing cancellations it is important to understand best practices.  As one sports season transitions to another, your clients interests may also change.  And now, with the addition of COVID-19, sports …

  • sports performance

Integrating Tech and Data for Sports Performance Facilities

Integrating Tech and Data for Sports Performance Facilities
Owning an indoor sports facility can be a great option if you’re looking for more control over when you can offer your services. Sports performance athletic training and …

  • online payments

Accepting Online Payments for Your Sports Facility

Sports Facility Start-up Tip: Accept Online Payments
You’ve heard it many times on this blog, but here it is again: Cash is king for new businesses. We’ve discussed how requiring upfront payments helps keep more cash …

  • sports facility sales

Sports Facility Sales without Selling

Sports Facility Sales without Selling
Sports facility sales is a crucial part of your business.  Most people working in a sports facility don’t see themselves as salespeople, though.  After all, many of them got into sports …

  • soccer memberships

Generating Revenue Through Soccer Memberships and Programming

Soccer Memberships: The Number One Revenue Generator and Programming Idea for Sports Facilities
Your facility probably already sells custom sports training packages for your clients’ specific goals. But in order to keep a regular cash-flow, you …

  • growing membership

CEO Roundtable: Growing Membership

CEO Roundtable: Growing Membership and Creating a Dependable Revenue Stream
With an emphasis on growing membership, eSoft Planner hosted a CEO roundtable in June with sports facility leaders from across the nation. As the world learns …

  • instructors

How to Make Your Instructors Want to Stay

How to Make Your Sports Facility Instructors Want to Stay
Your instructors are the core and the face of your sports facility. That’s why it’s essential to have a professional and enthusiastic team running your programs.

However, …

  • Sports Facility First Impression

Your Sports Facility First Impression

The Top 3 Energy Killers of Your Sports Facility First Impression
Step inside any sports facility and you can immediately feel the energy — or the lack of it. It is all about you sports facility …

  • sports facility services

Adding Additional Sports Facility Services

6 Great Ways to Diversify Your Sports Facility Services
Cash flow problems are almost always at fault when sports facilities fail. Unfortunately, most sports facility owners and managers don’t know that they’re putting their cash flow …

  • team management

Improve Team Management With Player Perks

Make the Most of Your Team Relationships: Give Players Perks
A great way for sports facilities to generate business is by building relationships with local teams through team management. Teams can either rent your facility at …

  • free scheduling software

Five Hidden Costs of Free Scheduling Software

Five Hidden Costs of Free Scheduling Software
Pamella Shaw owns a sewing school in Alexandria, VA, and her offerings will sound familiar to nearly any sports or instruction-based business: lessons, classes and equipment. When she started …

  • indoor sports facility

The Pros and Cons of Opening an Indoor Sports Facility

The Pros and Cons of Opening an Indoor Sports Facility
If you operate a softball or soccer league, you already know how amazing game day can be. There’s nothing better than being outside, relishing the bright, …

  • sports facility after coronavirus

Your Sports Facility After Coronavirus

Sports Facilities After Coronavirus: Tips for the New Norm
Over the past few months, many Americans have heard news about the potential spread of the coronavirus at gyms and sports facilities. On top of that, your …

  • park rentals

Turn Your Park Rentals into Revenue

Turning Your Sports Fields & Park Rental Assets into a Revenue Source through Smart Scheduling
It’s easy to understand how municipalities can become overwhelmed with the management of their park rentals, recreational fields and event centers. …

  • swim club management

Save Time with Swim Club Management Software

Save Time and Increase Revenue with Swim Club Management Software
Time is of the essence — especially for swim clubs. Every year they must reevaluate how to arrange their pool schedules to stay competitive in a …

  • boost pro shop revenue

Boost Pro Shop Revenue with These Four Tips

Four Ways to Boost Pro Shop Revenue
You know that the families who come to your academy for sports training also need to buy sports equipment on a semi-regular basis. Why would you not offer a …

  • facility scheduling

Software to Make Facility Scheduling Easier

What You Should Know Before Investing in That Sports Facility Scheduling Software
We get it. Adopting a new facility scheduling system means spending hours of time learning how to use it. It also means changing routines …

  • increase sports camp enrollments

How to Increase Sports Camp Enrollments

Increase Sports Camp Enrollments with This Tip
How many times have your instructors assured you that plenty of kids were verbally committed to attend an upcoming camp, only to have those assurances slowly disappear as the …

  • positive community impact

Making a Positive Community Impact with Your Sports Facility

Using Your Sports Facility to Make a Positive Community Impact
Over the past several years, youth sports have become increasingly competitive. The lure of college scholarships for the best athletes drives some to extreme measures. Unfortunately, …

  • gauge customer interest

Gauge Customer Interest by Using Client Management Software

How to Use Client Management Software to Gauge Customer Interest
As a sports facility owner or manager, you should be tracking your clients’ interests. Your customers are more likely to engage with you if your marketing …

  • sports programming

Sports Programming Increases Client Engagement

It’s All in the Sports Programming
We’ve seen it time and time again. Sports facilities relying strictly on their rentals for income instead of maximizing what their space can do for them. This is a critical …

  • concession stand management

How to Avoid Concession Stand Management Problems

Avoid Concession Stand Management Problems and Increase Your Revenue
The concession stand at your swim club can be a profitable revenue channel. However, management of the concession stand can be a hassle. And often falls on …

  • sports injuries

Three Things to Protect Your Sports Facility from Sports Injury Incidents

Three Things Protect Your Sports Facility from Sports Injury Incidents
Some sports injuries cannot be avoided. Such as an observer being hit by a foul baseball or a player twisting a knee when coming down. Still, …

  • swim club tennis court rentals

Increase Revenue by Adding Swim Club Tennis Court Rentals

Boost your Swim Club Membership by Packaging Tennis Court Rentals
As I have mentioned in other posts, the biggest revenue channel for swim clubs is their membership packages. However, to help boost this revenue channel, many …

  • Hoa Pool Access

Managing Your HOA Pool Access

The Struggles of Managing HOA Pool Access
Many communities realize the value of implementing a Homeowners Association (HOA) because of their quicker response to necessary infrastructure repairs. Most HOAs also demonstrate their value through community amenities …

  • sports facility customer service

Improve Your Sports Facility Customer Service

Easiest Ways to Improve Your Sports Facility’s Customer Service
If you want to keep customers coming back to your sports facility, you need three things in regards to customer service:

Deliver what they paid for: excellent …

  • Sports Academy Market

Understanding the Sports Academy Market

Marketing Research Basics for Sports Academies
Every potential business starts with a great idea — or at least what seems like one. Getting market data for your sports academy is one way to test whether your …

  • covid-19 sports facility

COVID-19 Sports Facility Operations

Creative Ideas For Operating Your Sports Facility During COVID-19
We know that operating a sports facility during these uncertain COVID-19 times is challenging. You are concerned for the safety and well-being of your clients, but it …

Two Ways to Make the Most of Your Sports Facility Space

Make the Most of Your Sports Facility Space
Scheduling is a big part of managing a sports facility space. But it is usually limited by the physical layout of the building. When you purchased or rented …

  • swim club advertising

Budget Swim Club Advertising Tactics

Swim Club Advertising Tactics
Advertising is one of the most important investments for swim clubs to improve the membership revenue channel, but small advertising budgets prevent many higher-priced options from being within reach. Luckily, there are …

  • Volleyball Services

Offer Valuable Volleyball Services to Increase Revenue

Get Your Clients to Pay 3x More by Offering Valuable Volleyball Services
Dependable revenue is key to your business survival. Which is why you give your members and players special treatment and do your best to …

  • Sports Facility Exit Strategy

Defining Your Sports Facility Exit Strategy

How to Build an Exit Strategy for Your Sports Facility
It’s always more fun to create your new business plan than it is to think about how you’re eventually going to STOP running it. But even …

  • Sports Business

Starting a Sports Business with eSoft Planner

Compound Sports: How One of Our Clients Started His Sports Business from Scratch with eSoft Planner
Back in 2015, Jeff Stamler had some big ambitions. He wanted to open his own baseball, softball and fitness training …

  • Profitable Sports Complex

Four Tactics for a Profitable Sports Complex

How to Establish a Profitable Sports Complex
If you own a big indoor sports complex, you know it has some high overhead expenses — such as uniforms, gear and your salaried staff. Add in seasonal cash …

  • sports facility business plan

Developing a Sports Facility Financial Strategy

Developing a Sports Facility Financial Strategy
This is the fourth in a series of posts on creating a business plan for a sports facility – sports facility financial strategy.

Now that you’ve thought out the details of …

  • Sports Facility Management Software Solutions

What Can Your Sports Facility Management Software Do for You?

Four Things Your Sports Facility Management Software Should Do
It’s true. There are sports facility management software options designed to help you schedule your space or your service.

But if this is the foundation of your business, …

  • Power Your Sports Facility Success

Sports Facility Success: Steps to Success

Why Sports Facilities Fail and How to Make Them Successful Instead
As a scheduling and facility management solution provider, we talk regularly with owners of small sports facilities. Unfortunately, we know there can be high turnover …

  • Increase Swim Club Revenue

Benefits of Swim Club Childcare Passes

Increase your Swim Club Revenue with Childcare Passes
Full-time working parents often hire summer nannies or babysitters for their children, and these sitters are constantly looking for ways to keep children entertained. By selling childcare passes …

  • Start Volleyball Facility Business

How to Start a Volleyball Facility

Beginning the Process to Start a Volleyball Facility
Running a facility with multiple indoor courts requires a relatively large space. Because of this, most volleyball clubs start out practicing on the rented courts of school gyms, …

  • Sports Facility Operating Strategy

The Third Step in Your Sports Facility Business Plan

Creating a Sports Facility Operating Strategy
This is the third in a series of posts on creating a business plan for a sports facility. This is about creating a sports facility operating strategy

You’ve already established a …

  • Swim Clubs and Teams Management Solutions

Swim Club Members and Teams: Keeping Harmony

The Relationship between Swim Club Members and Teams
Swim teams can be important stakeholders for a swim club, representing an important steady income stream and attracting new members and families. But the swim team’s activities can …

  • What to Do During Your Swim Club Off-Season

What to Do During Your Swim Club Off-Season

Preparing for Your Swim Club Off-Season
You may be staring at snow and cloudy fall and winter skies, but this doesn’t need to spell the end of profitability for your swim club.

Here are just a few …

  • Gym Business Management Software

The Second Step in Your Sports Facility Business Plan: The Marketing Strategy

Developing A Sports Facility Marketing Strategy
Last month, we looked at creating the vision for your sports facility business plan. Now that you have the foundation, it’s time to consider how you’ll promote your sports facility …

  • Swim Club Volunteers Management

Developing a Relationship with Swim Club Volunteers

How Your Swim Club can Develop a Mutually Beneficial Relationship with Your Volunteers
The tasks involved in managing a swim club are endless – from tracking customer payments and managing customer service to cleaning up the …

  • Baseball Facility Scheduling Software Solution - eSoft

Diversify Your Baseball Facility Scheduling Software

How to Generate Income with Baseball Facility Scheduling Software
A couple years ago, we got a call from an eSoft Planner baseball facility scheduling client with great news. He’d just had his highest grossing month ever …

  • Volleyball Facility Operations Business Plan

The First Step in Your Sports Facility Business Plan: The Vision

Thinking of opening a sports facility? You need to start by making a business plan.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t looking for investors. To make sure your business idea is going to WORK and not just …