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Manage Leagues with eSoft Planner’s Software

From individual or team registrations to building out the schedule and managing your locations – How can you manage your leagues with eSoft?

Easily manage your in-facility leagues with eSoft Planner’s league management systems module. Set registration requirements, allow parents to pay individually, or allow coaches to pay for the whole team when they sign up. You can also manage payroll and schedules for officials.


Customize Your Design

  • Manage registration
  • Allow individual or team registrations
  • Create and manage game schedules
  • Allow space management – don’t worry about double booking

Set Flexibility/Limitation Rules

  • Min and max age restrictions and grade level requirements
  • Set deadlines for teams and individuals
  • Full team, coach, or individual payments
  • Collect team deposits

Communication Tools

  • Automated text and email reminders for each game
  • Email marketing integration
  • Customizable marketing reports


Manage Space and Staff

Manage Space and Staff

  • Never double book
  • Organize employees’ schedules for working leagues
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Automate Communication

  • Automatically send out game schedules and reminders to teams
  • Easily email entire league for any updates
Simplify Registration

Simplify Registration

  • Allow individuals or coaches to register for leagues
  • Collect deposits or full payments at the time of registration
Track Scores and Records

Track Scores and Records

  • Easily input scores of all games
  • Automatically publish league standings with custom links

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