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Manage Teams with eSoft Planner’s Sports Team Management Software

Are you able to run your teams in the same system as the rest of your business? eSoft Planner’s sports team management module is the all-in-one solution you need to keep team management on track! 

eSoft Planner’s team management software module tracks players’ tryouts, schedules (including directions), game results, budgets, and payments. You can also quickly contact the entire team and manage team communications in the team message center.


Customize Your Design

  • Create custom registration forms
  • Build custom payment schedules
  • Store electronic team agreements
  • Build team schedules
  • Create custom links for player registration
  • Publish team docs for download

Financial Team Management

  • Create and publish team budgets
  • Collect and track player payments
  • Easily manage player balances
  • Set up one-time payments or recurring billing for player fees

Communication Tools

  • Team communication center
  • Automated payment email reminders
  • Email marketing integration
  • Customizable marketing reports


Simplify Player Payment Collections

Simplify Player Payment Collections

  • Set up recurring billing for all players using a player registration link
  • Allow players to make one-time payments online for any additional costs                                   
Store Custom Data

Store Custom Data

  • Collect and store vital player data 
  • Submission and signing of liability waivers, medical releases, physical forms, and team agreements 
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Manage Team Schedule

  • Schedule practices, games, and tournaments to automate reminders to parents
  • Keep track of wins, losses, and scores on each team dashboard
Revenue for Swim Club Management System

Keeps Track of Budget

  • Easily manage a team budget by organizing team expenses and player payments
  • View all player balances from all teams in one report

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Managing sports teams is a full-time job. That’s enough work to make your head spin. That’s why every organization, no matter how big or small, could benefit from sports team management software.
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