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Manage Rentals, Lessons, and More with eSoft Planner’s Software

How can you simplify your rental scheduling, eliminate double booking, and provide streamlined access to rental availability for clients?

eSoft Planner’s rentals scheduling software module serves as your facility scheduling software so you can make any space or combination of spaces available to rent. Limit rental availability and scheduling by location and time. Use our online rental scheduling software to publish the availability online for your clients to see with real-time updates. You can also eliminate the chance of double-booking your space.

Upsell Module: Want to charge different pricing for renting the same space? Include add-ons into your pricing for added technologies or features — like Rapsodo, HitTrax, SkyTrak, or facility-rented equipment.



Customize Your Design

  • Flexible facility software setup
  • Unlimited locations for scheduling
  • Choose which locations are rentable
  • Prevent double bookings

Set Flexibility/Limitation Rules

  • Offer different pricing based on client price levels
  • Limit how far/how soon a client can schedule
  • Set facility hours and closures
  • Offer discount pricing for custom days/times 
  • Set a flexible refund policy

Communication Tools

  • Automated text and email reminders
  • Email marketing integration
  • Customizable marketing reports
  • Automated codes emailed to clients for access control


Revenue for Swim Club Management System

Improve Cash Flow

  • Enforce upfront payments
  • Change rental rates for seasonality
Adds Usability

Adds Usability

  • Collect client data and store digital waivers
  • Manage your Rentals through our own Web Application
Sets Flexibility or Limitations

Sets Flexibility or Limitations

  • Place scheduling restrictions
  • Add charges for specific events
Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

  • Never worry about Double Booking Space
  • Run Reports to manage usage and evaluate Rental efficiency

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