Park Rentals Translate to Revenue

Turning Your Sports Fields & Rental Assets into a Revenue Source through Smart Scheduling

It’s easy to understand how municipalities become overwhelmed with the management of their parks, recreational fields and event centers. With hundreds of people using their resources each day, those who book or rent a field, event center or even a picnic shelter could get lost in the margins.

On top of that, many municipalities run into funding deficits while trying to implement even their most popular programs.

Common Struggles for Park Rentals

Here are just a few of the common struggles parks and recreation services face when managing their sports fields and park rentals:

  • Double-bookings & Under-bookings
  • Fee Collection & Fee Variation
  • Waiver Tracking
  • Field Maintenance

Rental Management Software

The good news: a facility management software solution that is designed to manage fields, sports facilities, event centers and other rentals can help a park district address all of these struggles.

With highly configurable facility management software, you can set payment rules for residents versus non-residents. Also, restrict advanced and last-minute rentals. Finally, gain valuable marketing insights about the individuals and families using your parks. When clients register, have them complete digital client interest forms.

Request a demo to learn how eSoft Planner can relieve the stress of rental facilities and grow your parks revenue through technology.

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