Benefits of Swim Club Childcare Passes

Increase your Swim Club Revenue with Childcare Passes

Full-time working parents often hire summer nannies or babysitters for their children, and these sitters are constantly looking for ways to keep children entertained. By selling childcare passes to your swim club, you provide families with an incentive to join the club who might otherwise think they won’t get a lot of use out of their membership.

Childcare passes make it easy and affordable for a family to include their childcare provider in the family membership. This helps you combat the indirect competition of other summertime activities, clubs and neighborhood pools for those summer recreation dollars. This structure – with the childcare provider as part of the family unit – will open up a solid revenue channel for your pool.

Here are some of the popular choices made by swim clubs regarding childcare pass management:

An Option within Family Memberships & at the Pool Entrance

Childcare passes should be sold as soon as your swim club opens new membership enrollment. This allows families to complete their payment all at once and can help increase your off-season revenue stream.

However, in order to accommodate different family situations, your club should continue to sell childcare passes throughout the entire summer season. Not all families plan that far ahead, and even the best plans change. A family may need to incorporate multiple childcare providers or switch providers mid-stream. Having them available at check-in can reduce hassle and help your members avoid overusing guest passes.


Clubs typically offer childcare passes for $150 or less, while others choose to include them in the price of the family membership.

As charging for childcare passes becomes more popular, clubs have found ways to show members the benefits of the prices. Your club might even allow the babysitter to use the pass when the kids aren’t in tow – a benefit that can entice childcare providers with their own families to purchase a family membership of their own to bring others along.


Age: To avoid liability issues, swim clubs set an age limit of 16 and older for childcare passes. Most pools set rules requiring children under a certain age to come with an adult. In pool terms, the adult age is normally 16 and above. Swim clubs will use that age to restrict their childcare pass ages.

Amount of Passes: Swim clubs vary on this restriction. Some clubs allow families to have 2-3 childcare passes while others only allow one. This typically depends on the demands made by the members.

Pass Linked with Babysitter: To prevent members from taking advantage of the system, pools usually link the passes to the name of the babysitter. Most swim clubs offer the option to change it, however, this ability should be restricted to staff. This way, families can’t continuously change babysitters without the pool’s knowledge.


Childcare passes are a smart business decision. Even if you choose not to charge the members for them, they still help the club maintain their current revenue. These passes are not only an easy revenue generator, but they help regulate access to pools and prevent unauthorized entry.

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