Cheerleading Management Software: Top Features To Look For Regarding Private Lessons

When you think of cheerleading, you might think of group sessions. However, to get better, your facility should also be doing small groups (like 2 on 1) or private sessions. This is the only way that cheerleaders can hone in on their skills, like tumbling, stunts, or stretching. Management of these lessons is critical for the success of the cheer facility and the success of the team. With cheerleading management software, you can easily and successfully manage these private lessons. 

Top Instructor Features To Look For 

Can you see if the instructors are available? Prevent double bookings with software that knows when instructors are busy and won’t let clients schedule those times. 

Do the instructors get notified of a booked session or get reminders? With daily itineraries and reminders, the instructor can easily keep track of their schedule. 

Is there accurate reporting on an instructor’s revenue? Keep track of their commissions earned, as well as what clients and what type of lessons are being booked. 

Does it allow in-store credit for last-minute cancellations? By offering in-store credit instead of a full refund, you won’t lose that revenue. It will also make it likely that they will return to use that credit. 

Top Client Features to Look For

Is it easy for the client to schedule via a mobile app? They should be able to book on the facility’s app with the touch of their fingers, at any time of day. 

Can the client store their payment method? With clients not needing to type in their information, they can book far easier than normal. 

Can clients get reminders of their sessions via text and email? Receive them at different times. 

Can clients manage multiple family members under one account? It will be easier to manage with one account versus several for each cheerleader. 


It’s critical to your success that you implement cheerleading lesson management in your facility. With all these features, you can easily grow your cheerleaders’ skillset and the strength of the team. Take advantage of eSoft Planner’s cheerleading management software now and request a demo to see how all these features can work to benefit you.