What Can Your Sports Facility Management Software Do for You?

Four Things Your Sports Facility Management Software Should Do

It’s true. There are sports facility management software options designed to help you schedule your space or your service.

But if this is the foundation of your business, chances are that you’re not looking for just any tool. You need support — a team behind the computer screen to help you manage a lot of moving parts, make sure you get paid and demanding clientele.

So how do you choose? Here are four things you should insist on in your scheduling software – for a swim club, an indoor sports facility, or any other business that has a space and an instructor. Go beyond member billing and schedule management.

Unlimited Locations, Instructors and Members

Most sports facility software programs charge a base monthly subscription cost or an upfront fee. Some charge extra per instructor, location, or both. Others might include a fee if you enroll more than a hundred customers/members. Depending on how your facility is growing, you will see your costs increase as you grow. You could see an additional $100 or $200 added to your monthly bill for these surcharges.

Scheduling and management software that includes unlimited locations, instructors or members might be more expensive at the outset, but if you expect to grow your membership, you’ll thank yourself later for choosing a solution that grows with you.

Customer Support that Knows Your Industry

Your days as a business owner are complicated enough. You’re scheduling practices, lessons and events, keeping inventory of supplies, preparing budgets, ordering new equipment, and maintaining communication with your clientele.

Before purchasing a management solution, you should know what kind of support team stands behind it. Do they only offer knowledge and support for their own product? Or do they go beyond that — are they familiar with the particular needs of your sport or activity? You want a team that knows the technical aspects of your business and its unique operational needs. That can mean the difference between making a lot of mistakes or achieving great success.

Prevent Double Bookings

Double bookings are an all-too-common enemy of sports clubs and other scheduled activity businesses. Does your software offer safeguards against two customers scheduling the same time or place? Consider an option that utilizes a two-step process, confirming not only what instructors are available, but also information about the spaces or services that are available on a particular date and time.

By validating the availability of your services, you will show your clients that you value their time and you eliminate the hassles and frustration of double booking.

Allow Bulk Scheduling for Rentals

A lot of software offers the ability to bulk schedule. But not all of them let members make changes inside those repeat appointments. What if your softball instructor is only available every other Thursday at 2:45 p.m.? Or maybe she can’t make it on Valentine’s Day?

Being able to make modifications to recurring schedules is a must-have in the eyes of many customers. Your facility needs to be able to make changes to individual events that do not affect the entire series.

Why eSoft Planner

eSoft Planner offers all these features and more. Our flexible payment and scheduling software delivers the functionality you need to be efficient. And with our modular-based design, we’ll never charge you for services you don’t use.

Your monthly membership also includes a support team that knows all fields of athletics — from swim clubs to softball to volleyball. Our team supports schools and lesson-based businesses across the board.

Retake control of your facility scheduling and management. Contact us today for a demo and see how you can spend less time and hassle on administration. eSoft Planner powers your passion.