Save Time with Swim Club Management Software

Save Time and Increase Revenue with Swim Club Management Software

Time is of the essence — especially for swim clubs. Every year they must reevaluate how to arrange their pool schedules to stay competitive in a constantly changing industry.

Most clubs dedicate their space to two activities — swim lessons and open swim. Some choose to offer additional specialty programming, such as water aerobics or triathlon training lessons. But with a limited amount of space, these programs are a luxury many pools cannot afford.

It is important for swim clubs to be able to quickly and efficiently manage access control. Especially if they want to expand their programming. Jim Koller, a board member in charge of the membership portal at Maple Manor Swim Club in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, has first-hand experience with swim club management software. eSoft Planner helped Jim save weeks of time in managing the club’s new and current members.

Maple Manor Swim Club

Maple Manor Swim Club has been in business since 1962. But they haven’t always used facility management software to save time. Prior to becoming customers of eSoft Planner in 2016, the club had been tracking membership activities using just a pen and paper.

“I joined Maple Manor Swim Club in 2009, and in 2013 I became a member of the board,” Jim said. “This is Maple Manor’s fourth year using eSoft Planner, and we couldn’t be happier.”

The swim club has over 300 family memberships. Maintaining check-ins and guest entry for so many members used to be a formidable task, but now that the club uses eSoft planner, membership check-in has become a seamless process.

“We save hours of time through the software’s self-service options, which allow our members the ability to get registered and manage their own profiles and contact information online,” Jim said.

As with any change, Maple Manor initially experienced some resistance from some of their members when they started using eSoft Planner. But even the folks who started out apprehensive about the technology quickly became convinced of its benefits.

“Last year, we started using eSoft Planner’s retail/POS options to sell concessions at our snack bar. Our members have been extremely satisfied with the ability to fund their club account balances and pay with a keycard instead of having to fumble with cash,” Jim said. “The membership cards make it easy for us to track our members’ activities. Our inventory control has benefited as well.”

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With the extra time Maple Manor has been saving, Jim and the other board members remain optimistic about the club’s options once Pennsylvania swimming pools can reopen. In years past, the club has allowed members to reserve pools for parties and other special events.

“We’d love to begin using eSoft Planner to reserve pools, courts and other areas of the club for parties,” Jim said. “Right now, we’re using the downtime to focus and plan additional special programming that will lead to new revenue streams.”

Talk to eSoft Planner about how you help eliminate the paperwork, enable self-service and save time at your swim club. When you have more time to focus on your passion and your mission, you have more resources to pursue revenue-generating options. Contact us for a demo today!