Spring Promotions

Spring Promotions for Your Sports Facility

Happy busy season! Even if temperatures are still frigid and your business is booming, now is the time to plan your spring promotions.  This will ensure you continue to bring in revenue, even after business slows down. 

Rule of thumb: plan quarterly (at a minimum).  Planning and promoting at least three months in advance allows you to beat out competitors to get your clients’ attention.  And always maintain a sense of urgency.  How many times have you seen “Only six spots left!” on promotional materials?  There’s a reason you see this everywhere – it works!  Make your offer desirable, but also limited.

Once spring and summer arrive, your baseball and softball players will move outside and you likely won’t see them again until the fall.  Use your spring promotions to appeal to other athletes who are now in their off-season.  Tip: setup a sports performance training program for the football and soccer athletes preparing for their fall season.

Play to your strengths.  Heavily promoting a few strong promotions for spring and summer will keep your facility busy, even on the most beautiful days.  For example, run a spring combine program in May to help athletes train before entering tryouts, showcases, and important recruitment seasons.  Begin promoting now!  May is the perfect time because it gives your fall athletes plenty of time to train and see improvements.  Run early-bird specials to get athletes committed before another competitor can.

Create a sense of urgency with your clients, but also create urgency as you’re planning!

When planning your spring and summer camps, secure your instructor, figure out the schedule, and promote!  By planning early you give yourself more flexibility.  If demand is high and one camp fills up fast, you have time to plan another camp.  Now you’re maximizing profits!

Camps and combines are great opportunities to increase revenue in the slow season, but you can’t rely solely on camps alone.  To keep cash flow consistent and your facility full, utilize membership drives too.  Offering discounted memberships with camp or combine incentives helps attract new clients, but be sure to create a sense of urgency here as well.  Make the offer run for a limited time, or restrict the deal in some way and make sure to include that in your promotion.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Begin planning AND promoting at least 3 months in advance 
  2. Maintain a sense of urgency
  3. Keep a source of recurring income during the office season. 
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