Pricing Models for Lessons

Lesson Pricing Models for Sports Facilities

When it comes to lessons, and the different lesson pricing models, facility owners often have questions as to how to properly set their pricing.  Whether group or individual lessons, there are 3 main models and it’s important to understand the differences of each.

Standard Pricing

The key to the Standard Pricing Model is consistency.  Regardless of lesson type or instructor, every lesson in the facility is the same set price. Facility owners that use this model enjoy the ease that comes with it. Marketing and promoting for each lesson is seamless for both the facility and the customer. The only aspect that changes pricing in this model is the length of time for each lesson. When facilities use this model, they choose a per hour price as their baseline and create additional durations and prices from there. 

Tiered Pricing

In most facilities, there are a variety of instructors with different expertise levels. When choosing prices, some facility owners and instructors choose to consider experience and background. That is where the Tiered Pricing Model comes in. Typically, this breakdown is based on past career development. Lessons from instructors that play or played for a professional organization are priced higher than those taught by an instructor with only high school experience. Customers will pay more for higher qualified instructors. When choosing this model, facilities generally choose three to four tiers such as professional, collegiate, and high school.  Or, it may be determined by coaching experience. 

Individual Instructor Pricing

In the Individual Instructor Pricing Model, instructors become involved in the price rates. Pricing is different for each instructor depending on experience, demand, and more. This can be more confusing for customers to track, but instructors will often prefer this model because it accurately represents their “worth.” 

None of The Models Fit What You Need? 

There is a fourth option for facilities that don’t fit into any of the three pricing models listed above. The Combo Pricing Model is some combination of the three pricing models. Facilities can choose to tier their pricing but also consider the instructor’s wants when it comes to pay. In this combo model, there is a range for each tier.  For example, professional-level instructors may charge anywhere from X-amount to Y-amount. Collegiate level instructors also have a set range, and so on. This allows personalization and instructor input, but also incorporates structure in the pricing model. 

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