Client Retention when Instructors Leave a Sports Facility

How to Keep Clients When Instructors Go
Trainers and instructors are close with clients, helping them with personal goals during one-on-one time. School-aged clients, in particular, look up to their instructors and can get very attached. So, it is essential to think about how to keep client retention.

Unfortunately, most instructors will eventually leave your academy at …

Does Your Sports Facility Need Social Media?

How Can Your Sports Facility Utilize Social Media?
Social media should play a big role in your sports facility’s marketing plan. Is it worth a smaller facility owner’s time and resources to stay up to date on social media?

The answer is yes! Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are excellent resources to instantly notify customers of happenings at …

Accepting Online Payments for Your Sports Facility

Sports Facility Start-up Tip: Accept Online Payments
You’ve heard it many times on this blog, but we’ll say it again: Cash is king for new businesses. We’ve discussed how requiring upfront payments helps keep more cash on-hand. We’ve also talked about the importance of keeping electronic records. Any efforts you make toward improving cash flow can …

How To Do Sports Facility Sales without Selling

How to do Sports Facility Sales without Selling
Most people working in a sports facility don’t see themselves as salespeople. After all, many of them got into sports facility ownership because they were passionate about sports and seeing others achieve their athletic goals. Not to promote classes, memberships and lessons.

There are a few reasons that the …

Improve Team Management With Player Perks

Make the Most of Your Team Relationships: Give Players Perks
A great way for sports facilities to generate business is by building relationships with local teams through team management. But whether the teams that rent your facility space or are hosted by your facility directly. Part of developing those quality relationships with teams is giving their …

Your Sports Facility After Coronavirus

Sports Facilities After Coronavirus: Tips for the New Norm
Over the past few months, many Americans have heard news about the potential spread of the coronavirus at gyms and sports facilities. On top of that, your clients may have grown complacent or found new training options during the pandemic. So, managing your sports facility after coronavirus …

Software to Make Facility Scheduling Easier

What You Should Know Before Investing in That Sports Facility Scheduling Software
We get it. Adopting a new facility scheduling system means spending hours of time learning how to use it. It also means changing routines that your clients and staff may already be comfortable with. With this time commitment and change in workflows, it’s easy …

What Can Your Sports Facility Management Software Do for You?

Four Things Your Sports Facility Management Software Should Do
It’s true. There are sports facility management software options designed to help you schedule your space or your service.

But if this is the foundation of your business, chances are that you’re not looking for just any tool. You need support — a team behind the computer screen …