Spring Break Camps

Benefits of Spring Break Camps

Sports facility owners, did you know hosting spring break camps can make you a hero?  With spring break right around the corner, hundreds of kids will be home from school for a week and looking to have some fun!  Many parents, though, still have to work and are in need of a solution. 

This is where your sports facility can save the day!  Spring break camps are extremely popular for families with school-aged children.  Your facility provides kid-friendly entertainment during the day and you an opportunity to generate additional revenue. 

To maximize revenue potential, keep your camps generic and centered around fun rather than limiting yourself to a specific type of athlete.   Offering a generic “multi-sport” camp for younger ages allows you to appeal to a broader audience. 

Start here, then expand your camp options to target more specific audiences if you’d like.  For example, some facilities create a sports-specific camp, but limit this to an older, more mature age group.  These are great for athletes preparing for tryouts, wanting to stay sharp in the off-season, or getting some extra practice during the break.

Consider Your Space and Instructor Availability  

As a general rule, 15 campers to every 1 instructor is the maximum ratio, but this can vary depending on the type of camp.  For “generic” camps, a higher kid-to-instructor ratio may work better to allow games and activities to be more engaging.   

For “sport-specific” camps, both clients and instructors may prefer smaller ratios so attention to form and skills can be a top priority.  The amount of student-to-instructor training in these camps can have a significant impact on its appeal. 

Camp Duration

Keep in mind the duration of each camp when choosing your enrollment numbers.  Depending on your space and instructor availability, you may choose to offer camps for a full week, every other day, or offer morning and afternoon sessions.  Some eSoft Planner clients even allow campers to decide how many days to attend during the week.  


All of these variables — limiting enrollment, space and instructor availability, duration — impact pricing for your camp.  In addition to the cost of space, instructor pay, etc., consider any “behind the scenes” costs.  Items like t-shirts, water bottles, and bags are great for marketing, but also add to your cost. 

And because you’re planning in advance, you can offer an “early-bird” discount to draw attention and increase appeal.  Also, don’t forget to create a sense of urgency — “early bird pricing ends soon!”.  Planning in advance makes scheduling easier and gives you much-needed flexibility.

Now is the time to reach parents; so build a plan and promote, promote, promote!

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