Improve Team Management With Player Perks

Make the Most of Your Team Relationships: Give Players Perks

A great way for sports facilities to generate business is by building relationships with local teams through team management. Whether the teams rent your facility space or are hosted by your facility directly, giving players special perks is part of developing those quality relationships.

Giving team members special benefits at your facility can increase team retention and provide a revenue stability for your facility. Particularly if the membership benefits extend throughout slower seasons.

Case Study: DNA Sports Center

DNA Sports Center is home to the Midwest Prospects, a nonprofit, elite baseball program whose goal is to expose players to college coaches. Midwest Prospects players get exclusive access to a specially tailored speed, agility, strength and hitting membership at DNA Sports Center.

Players are encouraged to take advantage of this membership to improve their skills. It’s simple for coaches to collect the cost of the membership along with monthly team payments. Also, players have year-round access to member benefits.

If your facility doesn’t directly sponsor sports teams, it’s still worth creating a membership named after each team that you offer these perks to. These package deals can be great marketing tools that advertise your special relationship with a team. It encourages other teams to develop a similar relationship with you. eSoft Planner makes it easy to set up these added perks. With flexible membership management tools to build the packages around your business.

You may also choose to keep a partnership and its details private. Limit the purchase of the membership to in-store only. This way, you can ensure that only the appropriate team members purchase the membership.

Regardless, you should meet with team coaches to discuss what offerings would benefit them the most before you create the membership. If the coaches feel that the perks will truly meet their team’s needs, they will encourage their players to get involved.

With eSoft Planner, you can automatically apply discounts on lessons, camps, classes and rentals. In particular, add to special client groups, such as teams. If you would like to discuss how eSoft Planner works, we would love to talk with you. Click here and fill out the form to request a free demo.