Software For Class Scheduling Made Easy

Efficient class scheduling is a crucial element that can make or break your facility’s experience, for both students and teachers. With classes taught everywhere, each industry from arts to sports needs cutting-edge software that can streamline your class management. In this post, we’ll dive more into the features essential in software for class scheduling that all industries can benefit from. 

Set Up With Software For Class Scheduling

It can be a hassle to create each calendar event for a recurring class, especially one that meets over the course of a few months. With our software, you can create one recurring event for the software to add to each day it is meant to cover. One of the biggest worries is clients accidentally double-booking certain classes. With our software, it checks the staff and location being scheduled to make sure they are both available before scheduling the class. This makes scheduling a lot easier and lowers the owner’s worry about any potential issues. Clients also receive order confirmations. Both clients and instructors can receive text and email reminders, so no one will forget their scheduled classes!

Control Flexibility and Limitations

With our software, you can control any potential flexibility or limitations for the class. One of the restrictions most important for classes is the ability to limit the number of registrants. Anyone else can go on a waitlist. This feature also lets people move up the waitlist if another person leaves the class. Another option is age restrictions, so that clients are aware when booking what age range is accepted. You can also choose to give members priority for your classes. In addition, you can require registrants to sign a waiver before they can finish booking your class. Another beneficial feature is the sign-up start dates. You can easily create classes and allow for registrations to start anytime. 

Using Software For Class Scheduling To Improve Your Revenue

There are numerous ways to improve your revenue and increase your cash flow. First, this software allows clients to schedule your classes 24/7 – so you don’t need to worry about missing out on any potential customers who can’t contact you during normal operating hours! After all, 40% of appointments are usually booked after business hours. You can also package sessions, so clients can get discounts if they purchase a certain number of sessions. An important addition is the ability to sell memberships. There are two main ways to sell them: members can get discounts automatically when purchasing services, or they can get a certain number of sessions free a month. 


Streamlining class scheduling can be essential for increasing revenue and improving communications at your facility or business. eSoft Planner’s software for class scheduling can be hugely beneficial in making this happen for your business. Schedule a demo for more insights into how our software can grow your business.