Increase Revenue by Adding Swim Club Tennis Court Rentals

Boost your Swim Club Membership by Packaging Tennis Court Rentals

As I have mentioned in other posts, the biggest revenue channel for swim clubs is their membership packages. However, to help boost this revenue channel, many also offer swim club tennis court rentals as an additional amenity. Matching these activities can create a great duo for membership packages.

Almost all swim club management software will also offer a tennis court module. This system will allow customers to reserve courts and schedule lessons with club instructors, if available at your club.

Different Ways Clubs Can Offer Courts

With Pool Membership:

The most popular way to incorporate your tennis courts with your pool is to offer access to both in a single package. This gives members a single payment for two amenities. Because the tennis and pool activities interest the same audience during the same season, offering them together adds appeal to your club. It becomes an all-in-one facility for the members.

Without Pool Membership:

In addition to the pool and court package, many clubs will offer individual memberships to the tennis courts alone. This attracts the audiences that already have their own pools or have access to neighborhood pools.


While it is rare, some pools will give non-members the opportunity to rent access to their tennis courts. In this situation, the court will have a price that is based on the length of the rental. Because this is for non-members, clubs will typically prioritize the member rentals over the non-members. The prices will also have an up-charge due to the renter’s non-member status. 

How Tennis Court Rentals Can Be A Separate Revenue Channel

One of the best ways to fully take advantage of the additional tennis court revenue is by holding lessons and camps for the members. Some clubs have their own instructors to lead these lessons/camps.

However, many clubs have independent instructors who pay to use their courts for their lessons and camps. This option is preferable because it makes the revenue channel more successful and is less work for the swim club. The independent instructors take on all the responsibility as soon as they book the court time.

If your club has tennis courts, these options are a great way to take advantage of the full potential of this revenue channel. eSoft Planner offers functionality that can support your swim club in the activities you manage every season — including customizable modules that make tennis court rentals, lessons and classes a snap.

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