Two Ways to Make the Most of Your Sports Facility Space

Make the Most of Your Sports Facility Space

Scheduling is a big part of managing a sports facility space. But it is usually limited by the physical layout of the building. When you purchased or rented your facility, chances are there were some walls that you wish were not there, and some that you wish were.

From the moment you begin planning the structure of your sports facility, you should consider the services you will provide. But even if your facility has already been built, there are two keys to maximizing the profitability of your sports facility space.

Diversity of Space Usage

Each area in your facility should have multiple uses throughout the day. It is very uncommon for one type of program or location to be profitable throughout the day. Different client age groups have different schedules, and different sports change your organization’s seasonality. Make sure that each area has something significant to offer for all times of the day and year.

Remember, each square foot of space costs your business money every day. Each square foot should generate as much money as possible. By making each room or area a fluid space, with easily movable dividers and equipment, you can ensure continuous scheduling ― and cash flow.

Quality Programming in Every Space

Many sports facility owners structure their business plan around rentals. After all, soccer players need turf and baseball players need cages.

However, many new owners underestimate the work involved in simply running a rentals-based facility. Unlike most corporate businesses, you probably do not have the luxury of hiring someone specifically for space management. This leaves your staff or volunteers in a constant fight to keep track of your scheduling and avoid double bookings.

Using your space to host classes and clinics is much more profitable than renting it out for a flat rate. Programming allows you to generate revenue from every single participant. And even if you do not want to hire instructors, you could consider partnering with other organizations that are looking for a space to host their programs.


Whether you are renting or using your space to host your own classes and clinics, facility management software can ensure efficiency in your scheduling process. With eSoft Planner, facility managers can specify how far in advance their clients can schedule a rental. This way, facility managers can ensure they have scheduled all possible programming before that space is made available to rent.

eSoft Planner also allows facility managers to specify a hierarchy of conditions that determines whether a rental can be scheduled over an employee-led lesson. Automating these types of permissions saves time and administrative headaches.

If you want to discuss how eSoft Planner can help streamline your sports facility’s scheduling processes, contact us for a demo today!