From Stables to Screens: Enhance Your Experience With A Horse Lesson Scheduling App

If you’ve ever been involved in the equestrian community, you know that scheduling lessons can be challenging – needing to schedule both riders and horses. Our horse lesson scheduling app can easily solve this challenge without requiring you to meticulously plan and coordinate everything. From simplifying scheduling to tracking horse management, streamline all aspects of your business with these helpful features. 

Streamline Lesson Scheduling

With a real-time centralized calendar, easily keep track of all your lessons from your mobile phone. For barns looking for clients to schedule on their own, clients can easily book a lesson without having to contact you directly. The mobile app makes it easier for them to book on the go, 24/7. For those who don’t want clients to schedule on their own, the scheduler can easily add lessons for tracking and reporting purposes.

Once a lesson is booked, the scheduler can assign a horse to each person based on the criteria (experience, height, and weight) to keep track of the horses used via reporting. Also, the scheduler can color code different lesson categories to differentiate between lessons in a quick glance at the screen. With these reports, you can quickly manage your horses. 

Organize Management and Communication

Horse management is an essential part of your scheduling. In the software,  you can assign horses to lessons. That way, you can easily run reports to see when and how frequently certain horses are used. This will make it easier to know when horses need a break – without having to track everything yourself. Managing your horses will let you minimize their stress and prevent potential injuries from occurring. 

One of the more important aspects of a lesson scheduling app is automated reminders. Both instructors and clients can get email or text reminders of their lessons. Clients can also get order confirmations when they book a lesson. Not only does this decrease time spent on administrative work, but it also decreases the number of no-shows. These reminders, just like other features in the software, can be customized to fit your business. 

Customize To Fit Your Needs

Your scheduling app is branded to your business. Use your own logo for the app, and add custom-branded colors for all your scheduling buttons. Even your app name can be changed to fit your business name. Also, many features can be customized to fit your needs – from time slots to limitations on booking. 

Easily customize everything to fit your business with our scheduling app. First, create different time slots for both your individual and group lessons. Also, you can set different price points by your instructors. So, if you have instructors with different experiences or want to differentiate the price for instructors vs the owner, you can change the price for each one. This also works for adding discounts on lessons for students who own a horse and board them at the barn. 

Grow Your Business With Our Horse Lesson Scheduling App

With our horse lesson scheduling app, you can easily save time, grow your revenue, and market your business from your phone. Request a demo of our software to learn more about how it can benefit you. You can also follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn to get notified for future equestrian-related blog posts.