Fitness and Skills Evaluation

Fitness and skills evaluations are important when trying to acquire new memberships for your training and sports facility. These evaluations provide a starting point and allow clients to fully understand their strengths and weaknesses.  In particular, understanding weaknesses allows the client to target those weaknesses and track improvements over time.  By being able to track improvements, you motivate the client to train at your facility, even if you charge a small initiation fee for new members.  Initiation fees also help bring in additional revenue.

Show The Value of Your Fitness and Skills Evaluations

Don’t worry about upfront assessment fees potentially scaring away new business.  By showing the value and potential results of your fitness and skills programs, clients will understand its importance to their success.  Proven results also makes them more likely to sign up for additional training and classes at your facility. 

Include perks to create even more value.  Providing new members facility branded T-shirts, a logo fitness bag, or brochure with helpful exercise tips is a great way to add value.  The potential member is happy with the free extras and is now an advertising vehicle for your facility.  Once explained to them, clients will understand that for a small fee they will walk away with free merchandise, some basic guidance for their training, and an industry-leading personal assessment of their fitness and skills.

Use Evaluations as a Sales Tool

Each business is unique, so pricing can vary for this upfront membership fee.  It’s important to understand your operating costs and profit margins.  Costs such as how much you pay your staff, the cost of the membership itself, commissions paid to the sales rep, and any merchandise or special perks you provide members need to be taken into consideration.  Charging a small enrollment fee can help cover these costs.

Sometimes, a client can be stuck on the overall cost of the membership.  By understanding your operating expenses and profit margins, you can be more flexible when negotiating the membership sale.  If your budget allows, be flexible and waive or discount the initiation fee.  For example, you could offer to waive the enrollment fee with purchase of a longer membership package.  Waiving this small but sometimes intimidating fee is typically more cost-effective than discounting other services that come with the membership.

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