Increase Revenue by Offering Valuable Volleyball Services to your Clients

Get Your Clients to Pay 3x More by Offering Valuable Volleyball Services

Dependable revenue is key to your business survival. Which is why you give your members and players special treatment and do your best to keep them coming back year after year with your volleyball services.

But when it comes to keeping members happy and attracting new ones, most sports facilities offer the services they feel comfortable with rather than the ones a client needs.

Let’s say you have a volleyball club with a fantastic roster of coaches. You might think you offer “elite youth volleyball training.” But they need so much more to make sure their kid gets the best chance to play volleyball in college.

When you focus on how your services meet your clients’ specific needs, they will be inclined to pay you more. And that’s exactly what Momentum Volleyball Club in Centennial, Colorado, has done.

MVC understands that most of their players are aiming for the collegiate level, and that sports-specific training is just the first step. MVC also understands that their clients are willing to pay more for a package that guarantees their athletes’ success.

When you join a team at Momentum Volleyball Club, you receive great volleyball training. But you also get additional benefits that any college-bound athlete needs:

  • Speed and Agility Training. Being a truly elite volleyball player requires high endurance, a strong core and a high vertical jump. MVC has developed a partnership with a local speed and agility training company that works with their athletes on such fundamentals. The trainers have an office in the MVC building and work with the same teams all year long, building relationships with them and tracking their progress.
  • Yoga. MVC leaders know that you need every athletic edge to play at the elite level, including flexibility and mental focus. They’ve developed a great relationship with a local yoga instructor. This instructor is familiar with the flexibility needs of volleyball players and is dedicated to working with them long-term.
  • Recruiting. Not all MVC players will want to go on to play in college. But the ones who are interested will receive help with creating an attractive online presence for recruiters which showcases their best video clips. They also get assistance in proactively reaching out to college coaches across the country.


Because of the value players receive, Momentum Volleyball Club can justify a higher cost than competing clubs. Parents understand that they’re getting a great value for their money. Additionally, that their player will have everything they needs to pursue volleyball at the college level.

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