Benefits of a Sports Performance Training Program

Benefits of a Sports Performance Training Program

If your sports facility hosts its own teams, consider developing a training program designed for those teams and their sports.  Too often, practice only focuses on team strategy, preparation for the upcoming game, or other specific drills. Generally, pure physical conditioning is not stressed enough.  Instead, it is treated as a checkmark on the “to-do” list and only briefly addressed at the beginning or end of practice.

Your team should focus on both specific training and game-like drills.  Below are key benefits to creating a specific sports performance training program.

  • Improved athletic performance. Specific skills such as throwing, passing or shooting improve as players become stronger and more agile.
  • Injury prevention. Repetitive movements can cause strain and lead to injury. Increasing general strength and learning proper technique helps prevent burnout and poor mechanics, which helps avoid injury.
  • Improved mental performance. Players struggling with certain skills may excel in your performance training program.  You can track improvements over time, which builds confidence and improves gameplay.

Your players are at greater risk for injury and burnout as competitive seasons become longer and longer.  To combat this risk, your training should focus on improved strength, speed, agility, and confidence.  These fundamental fitness techniques help keep players healthy.

In addition to helping improve performance, sports training programs are a great marketing tool for your business.  Offering specific programs helps you bring in revenue throughout the year and cross-promote other offers. Also, these can be offered to the players on your teams as well as the general public.  To incentivize more teams to train at your facility, provide them special access and discounted rates.

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