What to Do During Your Swim Club Off-Season

Preparing for Your Swim Club Off-Season

You may be staring at snow and cloudy fall and winter skies, but this doesn’t need to spell the end of profitability for your swim club.

Here are just a few ways that you can set your swim club up for success during the off-season months.

Minimize Spending while Maximizing Cash Inflow

During the off-season it is important that you limit your expenses. Clubs do this easily by creating an off-season budget. Luckily, most club expenses involve pool maintenance, which is not as necessary during the off-season.

Along with reduced spending, swim clubs should maximize their off-season cash inflow. Swim clubs have the opportunity to sell memberships, spirit wear and guest passes when the club is not open for the season. By taking advantage of these opportunities, the swim club can have cash on hand and be financially prepared for the upcoming season.

Start Advertising Early

To help maximize cash inflow, swim clubs should create marketing and advertising campaigns as soon as the off-season begins (or maybe even before). Advertising has become one of the most defining off-season strategies. With strong advertising tactics, your swim club can grow its membership base for the upcoming year. Family memberships can make a great holiday present or recommend smaller items and guest passes as stocking stuffers.

Diversify Your Business

With competition looming, swim clubs should always be on the lookout for more ways to attract new members. Use the off-season to brainstorm new products and services that you can offer your members. This could include:

  • Adding more tennis courts (or basketball, volleyball or racquet sport courts)
  • Adding new attractions to the pool (slides, diving decks, concessions, etc.)
  • Renovating the pool’s amenities (pool deck, bathrooms/locker rooms, etc.)

Plan and Prepare

The off-season is the most important time to plan and prepare for the upcoming season. It is also the best time for the staff to increase efficiencies and improve the overall swim club environment.

One of the best improvements is to find efficient membership management and scheduling software. The off-season allows swim clubs to implement the new software with their members and staff when there is less pressure. Your club could be prime to streamline operations and improve efficiencies with a new software solution.

eSoft Planner makes it easy to manage your swim club’s operations, whether you are in or off-season. The comprehensive software delivers back office and member-facing solutions – manage family memberships, guest passes, and packages; schedule teams, camps, classes, lessons and party rentals; sign in at the front gate; sell concessions through guest accounts and manage your spirit shop.

Swim club management doesn’t have to be hard, when you can organize everything you do with a few simple clicks and invite your members to manage themselves. The increased cash flow and improved organization starts in the off-season.

eSoft Planner for Swim Clubs offers functionality that can support your swim club in the activities you manage every season. Schedule a demo today to see how you can spend less time and hassle on administration and more time supporting your club and its members.