Sports Programming Increases Client Engagement

It’s All in the Sports Programming

We’ve seen it time and time again. Sports facilities relying strictly on their rentals for income instead of maximizing what their space can do for them. This is a critical mistake that cuts deeply into a business’ profitability, making it nearly impossible for them to survive. When sports facilities focus only on selling space for a flat fee, they miss out the revenue generated from offering value-packed programming.

Sports Programming is Lucrative for Facilities

Programming can include camps, clinics, group lessons, leagues, or even tournaments. No matter what the program, you will have multiple customers paying to use the same space.

For example, you have a field that rents for $100 per hour. You could rent that field for two hours and make $200, or you could run a two-hour camp on that field with 25 to 50 kids at $30 each and make $750-$1,500. It’s easy to see which option will maximize your profitability!

One of our favorite programs hosted by our facility was a children’s soccer clinic. Players learned how to take a shot on goal no matter where the ball approached their bodies. The kids loved it, the facility maximized its earning potential for the allotted space, and we were able to grow our business through cross-selling opportunities.

Spark Interest in Your Sports Programming for New Clientele

Another perk to programming is that it introduces more potential clients to your facility. Athletes participating in a clinic may decide that they really like the clinic instructor. Then sign up for private lessons with him or her. They might even be so impressed by the facility that they will purchase a membership.

Sports Clinics and Leagues

Programming becomes a powerful marketing tool to showcase what your facility has to offer. This comes from our experience of managing our own sports facility and working with customers at hundreds of facilities across the country. Facilities with programming are able to maximize profitability and draw in new clients.

Another great programming option is to offer instructional sports leagues. No matter the sport, a league ensures more paying registrants as well as increased visibility for your facility. Use your spaces for weekly games, head-to-head matchups, and other competitions. For example, in a baseball facility with virtual technologies, such as HitTrax, Rapsodo, ProBatter, or ALLSTAR machines, you can sign up players to hit and record their statistics and build competitive leaderboards.

If you are not making use of programming in your sports facility operations, eSoft Planner can help you manage these programs. Our team of experts has the experience to guide you in developing programming for your facility.

Contact us for a demo of eSoft Planner today to see how you can spend less time and hassle on administration and more time supporting your club and your members.