Generating Revenue Through Soccer Memberships and Programming

Soccer Memberships: The Number One Revenue Generator and Programming Idea for Sports Facilities

Your facility probably already sells custom sports training packages for your clients’ specific goals. But in order to keep a regular cash-flow, you need to be promoting sports-specific monthly memberships.

Ongoing memberships provide a dependable source of revenue for your sports facility and provide your clients with a convenient, consistent training option. Many of our clients are quick to adopt the ideal model for batting cage facilities. This promotes their long-term hitting memberships with reduced prices. By promoting their six-month memberships, the facility maintains a consistent revenue even throughout their slow season.

Any facility with open space can multi-purpose to include soccer training as well – you don’t have to have a full-sized soccer field.

Using memberships for soccer players can enhance the experience. You can adopt a series of benefits for members. Offer semi-private classes (six players max) led by experienced trainers. Drills and games regularly employed by college-level players to train and improve the technique and skill of their athletes. At the higher level, you can offer a premium Elite Soccer Training Membership that includes access to sports performance classes in addition to access to the sports-specific soccer classes.

To give you an idea of the variety of classes that your facility might offer to make your memberships more attractive to clients. Here are some class structures we developed with a client to enhance a soccer membership package.

Passing and Receiving/Turning Class

This class teaches the fundamental techniques of passing, turning, and receiving the ball with all surfaces of the foot. Passing and receiving is one of the most important skills in the game of soccer. In this class, athletes work on their first touch with the ball on the ground and in the air, different ways to turn with the ball, and the correct passing technique. Athletes will also learn the reasoning behind using different surfaces for passing and receiving.

Dribbling and Shielding Class (Moves in 1 v 1 & 2 v 2 Situations)

In this class, players learn the proper mechanics of dribbling using the inside, outside, instep, and sole of the foot. Players will also learn how to run top speed with the ball and change direction, while keeping the ball under control. They will also learn shielding, an important skill needed to retain the ball under high pressure.

Juggling and Heading Class

This class teaches the proper techniques associated with the different methods of heading the ball. Players learn to keep their eyes on the ball and head it in various scenarios. Such as for clearing, scoring, defending, and possession.

Shooting Class

In this class, players learn the fundamental technique to a power shot and a finesse shot through a variety of drills and games for all skill levels.

eSoft Planner can enable you to build the memberships, schedule classes and automate your additional member benefits. If you have any questions about how you can make scheduling at your facility more efficient, we would be happy to set up a consultation session with you. Click here and fill out the form to request a free demo.