Does Your Sports Facility Need Social Media?

How Can Your Sports Facility Utilize Social Media?

Social media should play a big role in your sports facility’s marketing plan. Is it worth a smaller facility owner’s time and resources to stay up to date on social media?

The answer is yes! Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are excellent resources to instantly notify customers of happenings at your facility — in real time. And Instagram and TikTok are opportunities to explore and engage with customers through photos and videos.

What are some ways you can benefit from utilizing social media to promote your sports facility?

The More You Give, the More You Get Back

Most computer savvy consumers expect business-to-consumer businesses to have social media pages. Well-maintained social media spreads your message and adds legitimacy to your brand — even if you don’t have thousands of fans.

In fact, many sports facilities rely on their Facebook pages even more than websites to reach customers online. Facebook’s user-friendly pages are guaranteed to be updated and accessible, they’re easy to find in an online search, and they’re free to create.

The more effort you put into your social media marketing, the more you’ll get out of it. Spend 20 minutes every few days updating your Facebook and Twitter pages. Take photos of your employees enjoying their workday and videos of customers having fun — it humanizes your company. You can use TikTok to add unique effects and music to spice up a video. Even a little effort can significantly increase your chances of making a sale.

Don’t hesitate! Get started so you’ll adjust to the routine of posting content. You can try more sophisticated strategies once you’re more comfortable.

6 Ideas to Increase Engagement

Need ideas for what to post? Here are a few basic ideas:

  • Allow your customers to “check in” to your facility, which displays on their own pages and is visible to all their friends.
  • Announce new programs and remind your customers of their sign-up deadlines. They’re more likely to see them in real time on social media.
  • Announce special deals and discounts! Remind users when they’re about to expire.
  • Start conversations by posting success stories and mentioning your customers. Tag them using the social platform.
  • Respond quickly to customer comments — especially bad reviews. You can learn from their feedback and make the most of an unfortunate situation.
  • Post photos and videos that your clients will want to share with their friends.

Scheduling Facebook posts is an efficient way to save time if you’re worried this will eat into other responsibilities. Facebook allows you to add several posts at a time and set the dates for when those posts will go on your page. If you use a professional email marketing program, you can also update Facebook and other social media accounts automatically whenever you send an email. If you’re already on Twitter, link the two accounts so you only have to make one update.

Find a staff member who is already comfortable with social media. They can handle these updates, or you can sit down with them so they can familiarize you with how it works. Involve your whole team by encouraging them to submit content for your pages.

For More Information

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