Integrating Tech and Data for Sports Performance Facilities

Integrating Tech and Data for Sports Performance Facilities

Owning an indoor sports facility can be a great option if you’re looking for more control over when you can offer your services. Sports performance athletic training and practice can continue in a safe and comfortable space, at a time that is convenient for your clients. They are not restricted by the whims of mother nature.

But many of your clients are looking for more than just a place to practice. We all know the percentages. For example the NCAA says just 7.5% of high school baseball players will play in college – and athletes are looking for an edge. It is important to offer results-oriented strength and performance training to your athletes. And this starts with integrating technology and data into your sports facility.

Ironworks Performance

One strength and performance facility that uses technology to take their athletes to the next level is Denver’s Ironworks Performance. They were founded in March of this year by Christian Backes, Director of Athletic Development. He has worked hundreds of players – including professional and Division I, II and III college athletes.

Christian had been using eSoft Planner to help manage his business as he supported athletes in their efforts to reach their goals even before he started Ironworks. Once his facility opened, Christian knew that in order to offer the individualized support an effective training program requires, he would need the same kind of powerful scheduling solution.

“We have a variety of programs, including private, semi-private and team training — not to mention our online services,” Christian said. “The software helps us to avoid over-booking. With only two full-time coaches and one part-time, it was important that we have a way to optimize our time.”

Here are a few more ways that Christian said he integrates eSoft Planner into his data-driven and results-based business model.

Assess Initial Ability

When athletes first sign up, the Ironworks Performance team does a complete assessment of an athlete’s skill level. This includes determining past issues and experiences with movement, agility, and nutrition. Performance metrics are measured and documented to set a baseline. The real importance of this initial meeting is to find the athlete’s goal. Whether this is to increase speed, mobility, strength, or injury prevention.

For the first few weeks after they opened, Ironworks used pen and paper to keep track of sign-ups. But after many of their teenagers began losing their waiver forms, they quickly understood their need for scheduling management software. Using the member profile to collect data and paperwork is critical.

“eSoft gave our athletes the ability to simply click to agree to a waiver,” Christian said. “We still provide them with a hard copy of the waiver forms, but the software just makes the process easier for everyone involved.”

Build a Schedule to Meet the Client Needs

Based on an athlete’s specific goals, Christian and his team develop class schedule that is personalized specifically for the athlete.

“We use eSoft to send reminders to our athletes, to track attendance for individual and team classes. It all helps us to help keep the athletes accountable for their own development,” Christian said.

Ironworks also looks forward to utilizing eSoft Planner’s member portal. Which gives athletes and their parents the same insights into class attendance and scheduling as their coaches have.

Keep in Touch

Prior to starting his own strength training program, Christian used the TrainHeroic app to remain in contact with his athletes even when they were away visiting colleges, at another gym or playing in state tournaments. It’s no surprise that online training has become a large part of Ironwork’s business — especially in an age of COVID.

“We do a lot of private training, and eSoft allows us to set up individual plans for online-only training where a client only pays so much for a certain amount of hours a month,” Christian said.

By using eSoft Planner to manage their coaching resources even with their online communications, Ironworks can maintain a balanced approach that helps athletes avoid regression in strength and performance.

eSoft Planner for sports performance gives facilities the ability to manage teams, track class participation, send reminders to athletes and even communicate facility closures. If you’re tired of cumbersome scheduling software — or worse, pen and paper. Let eSoft streamline your operations by providing the same team schedule visibility for all your clients.

If you want to discuss how eSoft Planner can help you integrate data-driven technology for your athletes into your facility, contact us for a demo today!