The Pros and Cons of Opening an Indoor Sports Facility

The Pros and Cons of Opening an Indoor Sports Facility

If you operate a softball or soccer league, you already know how amazing game day can be. There’s nothing better than being outside, relishing the bright, warm sun and the hum of excitement from the athletes and fans.

Owning and operating an indoor sports facility can be a great option to help you expand your offering beyond the warm and sunny months. Athletic training and practice can continue in a safe and comfortable space, at a time that is convenient for your clients. They are not restricted by the whims of mother nature.

Here are just a few of the benefits of indoor sports facility ownership.

Easier to Maintain Year-round

In the summer months, playability on outdoor softball fields can be affected by scorched grass. While early-spring soccer practices may be cancelled due to ice. And rain is an ever-present threat throughout the outdoor season. This can all have an adverse effect on your operations — and in return a negative impact on your revenue.

Indoor sports facilities are not affected by seasonal elements like snow and sun. Owners can set their own hours, and you don’t have to stop operations when the sun goes down. Clients will also be reassured of their personal safety with your state-of-the-art equipment and well-maintained surfaces.

Versatility for Off-season and Non-peak periods

While outdoor sports are less limited by space, an indoor sports facility allows owners to be much more intentional with their set-up. Walls can be moved, and equipment can be rearranged during non-peak periods. This versatility enables you to open your facility up to the possibility of hosting tournaments or weekend birthday parties or events.

Off-season training is a strong and growing business. As people see the value in one-on-one or small group instruction, having a place for these sessions can put your operations ahead of the rest. A flexible indoor sports facility gives you options and multiple avenues for revenue generation over 12 months. Rather than in season only.

The Trade Off of Owning an Indoor Sports Facility

These benefits provide a lot of upside to owning an indoor sports facility. But there are several things to consider before jumping in.

For example, people have different expectations for facility conditions. If an outdoor playing field is not perfect, clients will typically understand. Indoor sports facility owners do not have this luxury.

In addition, managing your time and space requires more precision and organization to ensure you maximize the ROI. You will need a way to control operations within your sports facility. And a reliable way to track and manage your facility usage.

eSoft Planner offers the ability for customers and staff to manage teams, track space availability, and communicate with customers.

When considering an indoor sports facility – as a new business or as an expansion of your outdoor organization – turn to the experts. Our team can help you streamline your operations.

If you want to discuss how eSoft Planner can help you start your own sports or recreation facility, contact us for a demo today!