Making a Positive Community Impact with Your Sports Facility

Using Your Sports Facility to Make a Positive Community Impact

Over the past several years, youth sports have become increasingly competitive. The lure of college scholarships for the best athletes drives some to extreme measures. Unfortunately, a large portion of this cutthroat aggression comes from those who are not even on the playing field — parents and coaches. But, it is important to remember a sports facility can have a positive community impact.

The negativity surrounding youth sports makes headlines every year. Parents arrested for altercations with officials, parents suing over playing time, and other extreme examples of raising the stakes and taking it too far. But your sports facility shouldn’t be a part of the problem. A sports facility can have a positive community impact. Encouraging players from all skill levels to come together under one, unified passion for athletics.

Chris and Lisette Brough, founders of the El Paso Legends, took their love of sports to create a place that is making a difference in their community. They’ve utilized eSoft Planner to help them grow their business, also known as EP Legends, into one of the largest of its kind in area. Helping them reach more youth athletes with their positive message.

El Paso Legends

It all started when five-year-old Tony Brough — Chris and Lisette’s son — fell into depression after Chris was deployed in the military. Lisette found a baseball team helped improve his spirits. With each team meeting Tony’s mood lifted. She saw the positive influence his coach was having.

In June 2019, once Chris Brough returned from service, he and Lisette started EP Legends Baseball Academy. They wanted a way to give back to the baseball community for helping their son through a difficult time. They’ve worked hard to spread their opportunities to military families and the wider community.

After a short time, EP Legends outgrew their first location and moved into a bigger facility. They are now the largest baseball facility in the area. With 17 batting cages and up to eight teams practicing in the facility each day.

“Managing so many different areas started to become cumbersome. We started to look for an affordable option to make the scheduling process easier. That’s when we found eSoft Planner,” Chris said. “One of the biggest values of the software is that it allows our customers self-service options directly through our website. They simply log into their account to register and sign waivers.”

Chris and Lisette also love how easy it is to communicate with parents. Tasks like alerting their clients about the recent closures due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) have been made simple with eSoft Planner’s text reminders and mass email capabilities.

“We’ve been using the downtime during the pandemic to build our Pro Shop with eSoft’s point of sale module,” Chris said. “Once the economy restarts, we’ll be ready to offer our clients embroidered team jerseys, equipment, and other necessities.”

“When we started EP Legends, we had a single goal. To give the busy parents of baseball athletes a one-stop shop to get everything they need for an affordable price,” Chris Brough said. “eSoft Planner helped turn that into a reality.”

For the El Paso Legends, having the right tools helped them spend time on what matters most. Their passion for sports and their community.

Using Technology to Make Things Easier on the Community

Chris and Lisette found one of the major problems in youth sports is poor communication of athlete and parent expectations. With clear communication, sports facilities have the power to bring athletes, parents, teammates, and rivals from opposing teams together — all under one roof.

If you are a small sports facility or are just starting up, chances are you will have a small staff or even no staff. As a sport facility grows, the visibility and ability for self-service become invaluable. Clients can see the availability of every area of your facility — from batting cages to volleyball courts to soccer fields.

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Sports facilities have an important responsibility. Bringing communities together in the development and growth of every athlete that sets foot on their courts. eSoft Planner makes the administration of your business a seamless, almost automated operation.

Talk to eSoft Planner about how you help eliminate the paperwork and enable self-service in your sports facility. When you have more time to focus on your passion and your mission, your customers will notice the positive impact on your community. Contact us for a demo today!