Managing Cancellations

Scheduling Tips for Managing Cancellations

When managing cancellations it is important to understand best practices.  As one sports season transitions to another, your clients interests may also change.  And now, with the addition of COVID-19, sports seasons themselves are seeing more modifications, delays, and cancellations.

You need to be more prepared than when it comes to managing cancellations because they can occur almost daily. Facilities that can do this effectively are the ones that will survive in the new norm.  Here are some planning and scheduling tips to help your facility remain profitable and navigate uncertainty.

Double Bookings and Uneven Scheduling

With sports facilities already limited in their capacities due to social distancing measures, avoiding double-booking mishaps is even more critical.  Conflicts might arise if two teams or athletes are scheduled in the same space, or overbooking occurs and the client is charged twice.

Even more pressing, especially in the face of COVID-19, is having uneven schedules. If most of your teams, coaches or athletes are using the space on a particular day(s) of the week, that leaves the facility little time for required cleaning and maintenance.

Management software will help you stay organized and it’s important to be frugal in these uncertain times, but be wary of free software offers.  Too often, the free version will not give you the flexibility you need to manage and set custom parameters.  Additionally, updates to your schedule may not happen in real-time, which leads to confusion and complaints as well as possible missed payments.

Last-minute Registrations, Refunds, and Cancellations

It’s no secret that last-minute scheduling changes have almost now become the norm.  If your facility still relies on spreadsheets or pen and paper, keeping everything organized can become a time-consuming and cumbersome challenge.

With an increased awareness on health and safety, cancellations and refunds may be taking up a significant amount of your staff’s resources.  Most scheduling software makes it easy to offer refunds to your customers and some even provide a customer-facing portal.  Allowing your clients to self-service and initiate cancellations and refunds can save valuable time.

Other facilities have opted not to allow cancellations, instead only allowing clients the option to reschedule. For teams to be rescheduled, many moving parts must fall into place.  Coaches, instructors, and event parents schedules must align and can be tough for staff to navigate.  Powerful scheduling software with the right features can optimize your schedule with just a few clicks.

Support Where You Need It

While the right scheduling and registration software should be a priority for your business, the software’s support team is equally important.  Having support network that understands the sports training industry can make all the difference.

At eSoft Planner, we understand the pain you’re experiencing because we’ve been there. In fact, the eSoft Planner software was built out of necessity by our CEO who owned and operated a successful sports facility.  This knowledge and experience paved the way for building a flexible system using best practices and client feedback.  The eSoft team has decades of experience in a range of sports industries.  We’ve seen the good and the bad and helping businesses is our passion.

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