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Save Time with Swim Club Management Software

Save Time and Increase Revenue with Swim Club Management Software
Time is of the essence — especially for swim clubs. Every year they must reevaluate how to arrange their pool schedules to stay competitive in a constantly changing industry.

Most clubs dedicate their space to two activities — swim lessons and open swim. Some choose to offer …

Boost Pro Shop Revenue with These Four Tips

Four Ways to Boost Pro Shop Revenue
You know that the families who come to your academy for sports training also need to buy sports equipment on a semi-regular basis. Why would you not offer a convenient option for them to do so while at your facility?

Harford Sports Academy, in Baltimore, asked the same question. They …

Software to Make Facility Scheduling Easier

What You Should Know Before Investing in That Sports Facility Scheduling Software
We get it. Adopting a new facility scheduling system means spending hours of time learning how to use it. It also means changing routines that your clients and staff may already be comfortable with. With this time commitment and change in workflows, it’s easy …

How to Increase Sports Camp Enrollments

Increase Sports Camp Enrollments with This Tip
How many times have your instructors assured you that plenty of kids were verbally committed to attend an upcoming camp, only to have those assurances slowly disappear as the camp registration date closes in?

It is natural for instructors to feel optimistic about the prospects for an upcoming camp. Especially …

Using Your Sports Facility to Make a Positive Community Impact

Using Your Sports Facility to Make a Positive Community Impact
Over the past several years, youth sports have become increasingly competitive. The lure of college scholarships for the best athletes drives some to extreme measures. Unfortunately, a large portion of this cutthroat aggression comes from those who are not even on the playing field — parents …

Gauge Customer Interest by Using Client Management Software

How to Use Client Management Software to Gauge Customer Interest
As a sports facility owner or manager, you should be tracking your clients’ interests. Your customers are more likely to engage with you if your marketing efforts are highly targeted and have a direct appeal to them. An analysis of their interests also provides extremely valuable …

Sports Programming Increases Client Engagement

It’s All in the Sports Programming
We’ve seen it time and time again. Sports facilities relying strictly on their rentals for income instead of maximizing what their space can do for them. This is a critical mistake that cuts deeply into a business’ profitability, making it nearly impossible for them to survive. When sports facilities focus …

How to Avoid Concession Stand Management Problems

Avoid Concession Stand Management Problems and Increase Your Revenue
The concession stand at your swim club can be a profitable revenue channel. However, management of the concession stand can be a hassle. And often falls on the shoulders of a small staff or a third-party company.

Some concessions are very basic and only offer pre-packaged items and …

Three Things to Protect Your Sports Facility from Sports Injury Incidents

Three Things Protect Your Sports Facility from Sports Injury Incidents
Some sports injuries cannot be avoided. Such as an observer being hit by a foul baseball or a player twisting a knee when coming down. Still, many of these injuries can be prevented. Broken bones and twisted ankles can come from a variety of issues. Some …

Increase Revenue by Adding Swim Club Tennis Court Rentals

Boost your Swim Club Membership by Packaging Tennis Court Rentals
As I have mentioned in other posts, the biggest revenue channel for swim clubs is their membership packages. However, to help boost this revenue channel, many also offer swim club tennis court rentals as an additional amenity. Matching these activities can create a great duo for …