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How to Create a Sports Performance Training Program for Your Team

How to Create a Training Program for Your Team
Does your facility host its own sports teams, such as select soccer, elite baseball, or all-star cheerleading? You know that most practice time often focuses on team strategy, preparation for upcoming events, and other sport-specific drills.

Unfortunately, pure physical conditioning is not emphasized enough. It’s treated as a …


Sports Facility Equipment: What and How to Buy

What Equipment do I Need for my Sports Facility Start-Up?
How do you figure out what sports equipment you need for your new sports facility? And how should you pay for it? Here are some tips for selecting the best equipment for your start-up business.
Make a List of Equipment You’ll Need
Look at the activities you described …

Critical Steps for a Reopening Event

Throwing a Reopening Event for your Sports Facility
Many high schools and leagues may have cancelled or delayed their seasons, but the game must go on for sports facilities. Perhaps you’ve already started offering services to clients. But what steps have you taken to raise awareness — either of your opening event or your grand reopening …

Creating an Annual Marketing Plan for Your Sports Facility

Creating a 12-Month Marketing Plan for Your Sports Facility
What’s the best way to market your sports facility to your community? Planning ahead with developing a marketing plan is critical — whether your business is brand new or has been around for decades.

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that your business’ financial situation can …

How Can You Create a Sports Facility Website?

Sports Facility Website Guide Part 1: The Basics
Many new sports facility owners don’t think of themselves as “computer people.” You spend your time out on the field or the court — not in front of a screen.

You know a website is important for your new business. But where do you start? Many jump at what …

Does Your Sports Facility Need Social Media?

How Can Your Sports Facility Utilize Social Media?
Social media should play a big role in your sports facility’s marketing plan. Is it worth a smaller facility owner’s time and resources to stay up to date on social media?

The answer is yes! Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are excellent resources to instantly notify customers of happenings at …

Scheduling Tips for Managing Cancellations

Scheduling Tips for Managing Fall Sports Cancellations
As the summer months fade away, you may be realizing that the good intentions of your clients may be just that — good intentions. COVID-19 has led to questions about fall outdoor sports, and indoor recreation is certainly precarious. While schools have been careful in their reopening processes, the …

Integrating Tech and Data for Sports Performance Facilities

Integrating Tech and Data for Sports Performance Facilities
Owning an indoor sports facility can be a great option if you’re looking for more control over when you can offer your services. Sports performance athletic training and practice can continue in a safe and comfortable space, at a time that is convenient for your clients. They are …

Accepting Online Payments for Your Sports Facility

Sports Facility Start-up Tip: Accept Online Payments
You’ve heard it many times on this blog, but we’ll say it again: Cash is king for new businesses. We’ve discussed how requiring upfront payments helps keep more cash on-hand. We’ve also talked about the importance of keeping electronic records. Any efforts you make toward improving cash flow can …

How To Do Sports Facility Sales without Selling

How to do Sports Facility Sales without Selling
Most people working in a sports facility don’t see themselves as salespeople. After all, many of them got into sports facility ownership because they were passionate about sports and seeing others achieve their athletic goals. Not to promote classes, memberships and lessons.

There are a few reasons that the …