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Defining Your Exit Strategy for your Sports Facility

How to Build an Exit Strategy for Your Sports Facility
It’s always more fun to create your new business plan than it is to think about how you’re eventually going to STOP running it. But even if your sports facility stays open forever, you won’t be around to see it. So your business plan should conclude …

Starting a Sports Business with eSoft Planner

Compound Sports: How One of Our Clients Started His Sports Business from Scratch with eSoft Planner
Back in 2015, Jeff Stamler had some big ambitions. He wanted to open his own baseball, softball and fitness training sports facility, but he wanted it to have more. A Compound Sports implementation team member recommended a Parisi Speed School …

Four Tactics for a Profitable Sports Complex

How to Establish a Profitable Sports Complex
If you own a big indoor sports complex, you know it has some high overhead expenses — such as uniforms, gear and your salaried staff. Add in seasonal cash flow changes, and business management becomes a complicated enterprise.

Take for example Center St. Louis, which opened in a shuttered, bank-owned …

Developing a Sports Facility Financial Strategy

Developing a Sports Facility Financial Strategy
This is the fourth in a series of posts on creating a business plan for a sports facility.

Now that you’ve thought out the details of your products, staff and operations, you can use that information to estimate your business’ finances.

We’ll do that by estimating your revenue, comparing it to your expenses, and …

What Can Your Sports Facility Management Software Do for You?

Four Things Your Sports Facility Management Software Should Do
It’s true. There are software options designed to help you schedule your space or your service.

But if this is the foundation of your business, chances are that you’re not looking for just any tool. You need support — a team behind the computer screen to help you …

Sports Facility Success: Steps to Success

Why Sports Facilities Fail and How to Make Them Successful Instead
As a scheduling and facility management solution provider, we talk regularly with the owners of small sports facilities from around the country about their business. Unfortunately, we know there can be high turnover rate with new facilities: many just don’t stay open more than a …

Benefits of Swim Club Childcare Passes

Increase your Swim Club Revenue with Childcare Passes
Full-time working parents often hire summer nannies or babysitters for their children, and these sitters are constantly looking for ways to keep children entertained. By selling childcare passes to your swim club, you provide families with an incentive to join the club who might otherwise think they won’t …

How to Start a Volleyball Facility

Beginning the Process to Start a Volleyball Facility
Running a facility with multiple indoor courts requires a relatively large space. Because of this, most volleyball clubs start out practicing on the rented courts of school gyms, health clubs or multi-sport complexes.

But if you have a club that is well-established and have the capital, you might consider …

The Third Step in Your Sports Facility Business Plan: The Operating Strategy

Creating a Sports Facility Operating Strategy
This is the third in a series of posts on creating a business plan for a sports facility. This is about creating a sports facility operating strategy

You’ve already established a summary of business objectives and details of how you plan to introduce your sports facility to the community. It’s time …

How to Keep Harmony Between Swim Club Members and Teams

The Relationship between Swim Club Members and Teams
Swim teams can be important stakeholders for a swim club, representing an important steady income stream and attracting new members and families. But the swim team’s activities, especially a swim meet, can sometimes result in scheduling conflicts between your swim team members and your more recreational members.

Harmony between …