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Integrating Tech and Data for Sports Performance Facilities

Integrating Tech and Data for Sports Performance Facilities
Owning an indoor sports facility can be a great option if you’re looking for more control over when you can offer your services. Sports performance athletic training and practice can continue in a safe and comfortable space, at a time that is convenient for your clients. They are …

Accepting Online Payments for Your Sports Facility

Sports Facility Start-up Tip: Accept Online Payments
You’ve heard it many times on this blog, but we’ll say it again: Cash is king for new businesses. We’ve discussed how requiring upfront payments helps keep more cash on-hand. We’ve also talked about the importance of keeping electronic records. Any efforts you make toward improving cash flow can …

How To Do Sports Facility Sales without Selling

How to do Sports Facility Sales without Selling
Most people working in a sports facility don’t see themselves as salespeople. After all, many of them got into sports facility ownership because they were passionate about sports and seeing others achieve their athletic goals. Not to promote classes, memberships and lessons.

There are a few reasons that the …

Generating Revenue Through Soccer Memberships and Programming

Soccer Memberships: The Number One Revenue Generator and Programming Idea for Sports Facilities
Your facility probably already sells custom sports training packages for your clients’ specific goals. But in order to keep a regular cash-flow, you need to be promoting sports-specific monthly memberships.

Ongoing memberships provide a dependable source of revenue for your sports facility and provide …

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CEO Roundtable: Growing Your Membership

CEO Roundtable: How to Grow Your Membership and Create a Dependable Revenue Stream
In June, eSoft Planner hosted a CEO roundtable with sports facility leaders from across the nation. As the world learns to adjust to a COVID-19 world, some of our customers share their insights into how they’ve changed their business to operate in the …

How to Make Your Instructors Want to Stay

How to Make Your Sports Facility Instructors Want to Stay
Your instructors are the core and the face of your sports facility. That’s why it’s essential to have a professional and enthusiastic team running your programs.

However, it isn’t easy to keep good, committed instructors on staff. Usually, these instructors work part-time or irregular hours, making it …

Your Sports Facility First Impression

The Top 3 Energy Killers of Your Sports Facility First Impression
Step inside any sports facility and you can immediately feel the energy — or the lack of it. It is all about you sports facility first impression.

Sports and fitness businesses depend on projecting intensity, passion and top-tier competition. And while you may not need to …


Adding Additional Sports Facility Services

6 Great Ways to Diversify Your Sports Facility Services
Cash flow problems are almost always at fault when sports facilities fail. Unfortunately, most sports facility owners and managers don’t know that they’re putting their cash flow at risk by relying on too few sources for most of their income. So it is essential to add sports …

Improve Team Management With Player Perks

Make the Most of Your Team Relationships: Give Players Perks
A great way for sports facilities to generate business is by building relationships with local teams through team management. But whether the teams that rent your facility space or are hosted by your facility directly. Part of developing those quality relationships with teams is giving their …

Five Hidden Costs of Free Scheduling Software

Five Hidden Costs of Free Scheduling Software
Pamella Shaw owns a sewing school in Alexandria, VA, and her offering will sound familiar to nearly any sports or instruction-based business: lessons, classes and equipment. When she started planning for her new business, she immediately began looking for free scheduling software.

“I was not going to start a business …