HOA Swim Club Management Software

Swim Club Management Software for HOAs

Homeowners associations are responsible for various aspects of how a neighborhood is operated.  Add facilities, such as a pool, and the list of responsibilities can feel never-ending. Utilizing a swim club management software for your HOA saves volunteers time and energy and, in turn, allows the team to focus on bigger responsibilities.  Access control features and e-commerce solutions are two primary functions to help stay organized.

Access Control

The access control feature in management software manages the tracking of incoming and outgoing members, guests, and childcare providers.  To maximize revenue, HOAs and swim clubs want to restrict access to those that have paid for it. Many require a membership payment as well as an additional charge for guests and childcare providers and access can be based on last name, barcode, address, or custom ID numbers.  With swim club management software, hiring staff to monitor the gate can be avoided.  

The access control feature saves money by lowering the need for staff and increases income by monitoring the guest pass purchase and usage.  Plus, it provides an additional security measure for the pool. 


E-commerce solutions within swim club management software offers an additional form of payment for members as well as a level of convenience.  This makes for an easier transaction between the members’ and the HOA plus ability to sell memberships in the offseason.  The e-commerce features of the software can also include the purchase of guest passes, which makes repeat purchases simpler. 

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