Homeowners associations are responsible for various aspects of how a neighborhood is operated. Add facilities such as a pool, tennis courts, etc., and the list of responsibilities that fall on the HOA board can become never-ending. In order to save volunteers time and energy to focus on bigger responsibilities, HOA’s, HOA management companies, and other property management businesses choose to utilize software programs. Swim facility management software can help these organizations in various ways, primarily access control and e-commerce. 

Access Control

The access control feature in management software controls the tracking and management of incoming and outgoing members, as well as guests and childcare providers. In order to maximize revenue, HOA’s will want to restrict access to those that have paid for it. Many require a membership payment, as well as an additional charge for guest passes and childcare provider access. Rather than hiring staff to monitor the gate, HOAs can use software to allow access by the last name, barcode, address, custom ID numbers, or bond numbers. 

The access control feature will save HOA’s money through a lower staffing expense, increase income through monitoring the guest pass purchase and usage, and it will provide an additional security measure for the pool. 


The e-commerce function to swim club management software opens up a secondary form of payment for members. While it is not necessary that HOA’s use this ability, it allows for an easier transaction between the members and the HOA. Many pools do prefer moving their payment methods digitally due to the convenience and ability to sell memberships during the offseason. The e-commerce side of the software can also include the purchase of guest and childcare passes, making it easier to repurchase as necessary. 

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