Hoa Pool Access

The Struggles of Managing HOA Pool Access

Many communities realize the value of implementing a Homeowners Association (HOA) because of their quicker response to necessary infrastructure repairs. Most HOAs also demonstrate their value through community amenities such as pools, athletic courts, clubhouses, and parks. Communities rely on HOAs staffed by volunteers or third-party companies to maintain these amenities.

Swimming pools are one amenity that provides value to residents, but the pool’s management is no easy task for an HOA. Managing HOA pool access can be a struggle.  They don’t hire staff or lifeguards and people tend to take advantage of the freedom. This can lead to lost revenue without any way to ensure that only those who are current on their HOA dues are using the pool.

A few of the common struggles for an HOA pool include:

  • Lack of access control
  • Coordination of guest tracking
  • Collection of membership dues

The good news for HOAs is that they don’t have to feel the impact of lost revenue due to poor control over their swimming pool gate.

By implementing just a few practices, you’ll be able to manage access control, track guest usage and even allow residents to schedule common areas, pool patios and clubhouses for their events.

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