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You’re familiar with the phone call.

“I’m standing here and there’s another team practicing on the field that I booked.”

The last thing you need is to lose money on an already budget-strained parks and recreation department.

Whether you’re looking to prevent double bookings, communicate field closures or accommodate fee variations between residents and non-residents, eSoft Planner can manage your entire operation.


Here are just a few of the ways you can benefit from eSoft Planner:

– Real-time, self-service booking for residents and non-residents
– Required pre-payment at the time of booking, eliminating non-payments
– Automated collection of signed waivers and other documents
– Rule-based scheduling giving you flexibility to meet your needs
– Communication tools for confirmation, updates and closures
-Automated refund process for closures and cancellations

Manage all of your rental assets in one place:

– Athletic fields
– Event centers and clubhouses
– Picnic shelters
– Common areas

Stop leaving money on the table from double and under-bookings. Turn your rentals into a revenue stream with software that allows your organization to set rules that apply to the way you do business.



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  • Flexible facility setup

  • Client relationship management

  • Unlimited locations for scheduling

  • Prevents double bookings

  • Marketing tools

  • Lesson Management

  • Time Clock in/out

  • Employee Commission Tracking

  • Customer Interest Tracking

  • Unlimited Reports

  • Set a flexible refund policy

  • Text and email notifications

  • Set facility hours and closures

  • Email marketing integration

  • Online client self-service portal

  • Set different pricing for seasons

  • Restrict last-minute scheduling

  • Customize advanced scheduling

  • Restrict and prioritize space

  • Custom permissions for staff


“The biggest benefit with eSoft to date has been their support. Each time I contact their support team, I am not only assisted with my technical questions, but they help me think through my business model as well. This advantage is priceless for someone new in the industry, and I couldn’t thank them enough for their support.”


“This product is simple and easy to use. I specifically liked how the software notifies customers, letting them know about upcoming appointments. I also like how easy it is for customers to book their own appointments. This alleviates the process of waiting in line and scheduling/paying for an appointment in the office directly. Through this product, customers can sign up, receive confirmations, make cancellations and reschedule appointments when needed.”