Save Time. Increase Cashflow.
Power Your Passion.

eSoft Planner is the complete basketball facility scheduling software solution that allows you to Power Your Passion.

Whatever the size of your basketball facility – from full on academy to local school to gym – eSoft Planner is an affordable, modular solution to fit your unique needs. Reduce your administrative costs, eliminate scheduling confusion and improve the overall customer experience with eSoft Planner basketball academy management software.

All basketball packages include:

Lesson Management

Time clock in/out

Client relationship management

Safeguards against double booking

Set  facility hours and closures

Text and email notifications

Customizable permissions for staff

and more…

You got into this because you love basketball or the facility you are involved in. Since no one is truly excited about all the administrative work, budgeting and scheduling that goes into running a basketball facility. eSoft Planner makes this work easier so you can run your facility without the hassles. You can spend less time on busy work, improve your cashflow and focus on what you really love.

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