Save Time. Increase Cashflow.
Power Your Passion.

eSoft Planner is the complete sports or club management software solution that allows you to Power Your Passion.

You got into this because you love baseball or the facility you are involved in. No one is truly excited about all the administrative work, budgeting and scheduling that goes into running a baseball facility. eSoft Planner makes this work easier so you can run your facility without the hassles. You can spend less time on busy work, improve your cashflow and focus on what you really love.

eSoft Planner is engineered to support the best practices for business, club and sports academy success. We offer configurable options so you can run your business or organization your way. Our tools go beyond mere scheduling and payment collection – we support packages, memberships, camps and lessons so you can stay organized, boost revenue and cut costs. You get to choose the features that are right for you – such as lessons, classes, rentals, retail – for a software solution that’s tailored to your business. We back that up with first-class support that understands the challenges of running a small business and the strength of a network for exclusive industry discounts.

Save your staff and volunteers hours of administrative work with baseball facility management software that does it all.

Track your inventory

The way they keep walking off, it’s a wonder baseball bats don’t have legs. Keep track of everything from baseballs to bases with our easy-to-use inventory tracking system.

Manage your rosters and schedules

Whether you’re just renting a few cages or are running an academy with hundreds of members, eSoft Planner baseball scheduling software can manage your entire operation.

Process payments

Set special prices for peak and off-peak hours and seasons. Allow clients to pay after their lessons.

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