eSoft Planner Frequently Asked Questions

As an eSoft Planner client, you never need to pay for version upgrades or security updates to your existing software features. However, if you want to add something new (for example, if you want to introduce a new membership program and don’t have the membership module), just reach out to your account success manager, or call the office at (513) 791-4940. We’ll be happy to add any additional modules you may need and discuss all your options. You can also explore available modules via your eSoft Planner account: Log in as the administrator, go to the Profile/Setup menu, and click “Software Modules” at the bottom of the menu.

All of your email marketing lists and your email builder are located under the “Marketing” tab in the administrator’s section. To send an email with eSoft Planner scheduling software, click on “Email Marketing” in the menu and check out your options. Choose from among pre-set templates, then click the “Create Email” button and use the editor to compose and send your message.

All your clients and your staff can opt to receive email and/or text message reminders for their upcoming scheduled events and appointments. They can also choose which time of day they want to receive the reminders. To turn them on, they can go to “My Profile” in the main menu, then “Edit/View Profile.” They’ll notice both the email and text message reminder options toward the bottom of the page.

Administrators can choose from a variety of ways to showcase their products and services easily via their web sites – and it’s as simple as adding links. Under “Profile/Setup” in the main menu, go to “Web Links” to find links to the eSoft Planner login page, or to pages that display your lists of camps, classes, memberships, or packages (depending on which modules you use) publicly for web site visitors. Simply copy the links provided and paste them into your web site wherever you choose. If you need more help figuring out how to add links to your web site’s menu or pages, call your eSoft Planner customer success manager.

One of eSoft Planner’s most powerful features allows you to group clients together and give them perks such as advanced scheduling and discounts. Administrators can create and edit these groups by going to “Profile/Setup” in the main menu and then selecting “Pricing/Discount Levels.” You can optionally specify how much money any client has to spend at your facility to qualify for any Pricing/Discount level. If you have the memberships module, you can also opt to automatically move anyone who buys a specific membership into a price level, and then move them back out when the membership expires.

If you are changing banks, credit card processors or any of your other financial settings, please call your customer success manager at (513) 791-4940. We’ll walk you through all the steps to seamlessly change those details without interrupting any service for your clients. Please have all your new account information, including any account numbers associated, when you call.

If one of your members’ payments fails, you’ll need to make a manual payment to replace the one that was missed. Log in on the staff side, then go to the client’s account (you can find it by searching for their name in the clients list). Then, click “Memberships” in the submenu and click the payment details icon. There, you’ll see their membership payment history. Click the “add payment” button to add a new payment (you’ll need your client’s credit card info), then manually unsuspend the membership if it’s been suspended. (You chose the settings for suspension after a missed payment when you created the membership.) The membership will continue to bill regularly each month even after a missed payment. However, if the payment that failed is the first-ever payment for that membership, you’ll have to just purchase a whole new membership – the software requires a payment to go through before the membership is created.

No; eSoft Planner is completely web-based. That means that your account will be available to you, your staff and your clients from any internet-connected device. You’ll never need to worry about installing new versions of software- all updates are made automatically. You’ll also never need to worry about losing your data if your computer is lost or damaged because all data is stored securely in the cloud.

eSoft Planner was built around the best practice of accepting online payments, which saves businesses time and money and adds customer convenience in the process. With eSoft Planner, your clients will be able to log in to their own accounts and pay from home – even when your facility is closed.

We assign every new eSoft Planner client a personal customer success rep to take you through the software, make sure it’s set up in the best way possible for your business, and help you get started. For that, we charge a one-time setup fee, which varies based on how many software features you use and how much personal attention and consulting you’d prefer.


Part of what makes eSoft Planner special is our dedication to providing personal service from a team that understands your business needs. We work intensively with each new client to make sure eSoft Planner is a good fit for them and that the software is set up properly. That’s why we require a 7-month minimum commitment from all new accounts.

All web-based applications that accept payments require a payment gateway to encrypt payments and a credit card processor to send the payment to your bank account. eSoft Planner requires the payment gateway Authorize.net, the most common gateway in the world. Authorize.net can connect to any credit card processor. You can use your existing processor if you have one, or we can help set you up with our preferred provider: PAYSAFE.

All eSoft Planner clients receive unlimited customer support from their own customer success managers who is familiar with their industry. Your rep will be personally available to you by phone or by email.

We’ve developed the packages you see here based on what our most common businesses need, but we can certainly customize a package for you based on your own unique business. Just call us at (513) 791-4940 and let us know what you’re looking for.

Yes. A web site is essential for any business in today’s digital world. If you don’t have a web site, we can help you get started, or we can even build one for you (our clients get special discounts on web development). Having a powerful web site unlocks the full potential of all of eSoft Planner’s benefits.

eSoft Planner’s unique pricing structure allows you to choose from among a variety of scheduling and payment features based on what fits your business. Your pricing won’t change as your business grows unless you decide to add more features. Most of our clients make a monthly payment, but you will get a discount for paying for full year upfront. (Annual payments also may be required for seasonal businesses, such as swim clubs.)

Yes. If you pay upfront for the year, you will get a discount just request a demo and we will contact you for more information.