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Welcome, Sports Locate clients! eSoft Planner is the complete online software solution for sports businesses. It was built around best practices for business sports academy success, with tools that go beyond a seamless scheduling and payment system to also help you boost revenue and cut costs. Choose from a variety of features (such as lessons, classes, rentals, retail) to create a package that’s tailored to your business. Tap into a support system that has a deep understanding of small business scheduling needs and a network that offers exclusive industry discounts.

eSoft Planner’s flexibility and comprehensiveness also make it a favorite program for swim clubs, swim schools, music schools, sewing studios, dance and cheer studios, and more around the country.

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eSoft Planner Individual Modules

eSoft Planner lets you customize your software by adding any features that meet your unique needs, all of our clients have their own combination of “modules” that work together to run their businesses. You can browse the module summaries listed here better to understand what eSoft Planner can do.


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Module Based Software

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Why Choose Us

      • Custom: Choose from a variety of features to create a software package that’s tailored to your business.
      • Integrated: Easily link to schedules, login pages, registration pages and other sales pages from your website.
      • Staff: Track staff contact info, schedules, commissions, payroll, times clocked in and out, and more.
      • Marketing: Track customer interests, post messages where they’ll get noticed, create and email custom client lists.

What Our Customers Say

Clients love being able to go online to sign up for whatever they need and pay for it. Then when they get here, they don’t have to worry about any of that.
Lori Howard, Baseball Facility
I was looking for an online model that could handle all the memberships I offer, and it seemed like eSoft Planner had the most sophisticated model at an affordable price.
Alyssa O'Toole, Music Studio
Our members and clients like that they can use it at any time of day. They can sign up, get confirmations, make cancellations and reschedules, buy packages – all these things – where before they had to wait and get confirmation a day later. Now they can do it anytime they want and they can be assured when they arrive that their lesson will be ready.
Jason K., Swim Club
It was a no-brainer because of everything it can do.
Tim Stewart, Baseball Academy

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