Sell apparel, equipment and other retail products online with eSoft Planner’s web store.

eSoft Planner’s web store software can take your existing retail store and move it online, opening your business up to a whole new market. Making the merchandise in your pro-shop or spirit shop available online as well as in-store also adds convenience for your existing clients. eSoft Planner’s web store is secure, affordable, and user-friendly. It’s also completely integrated into the same system you use to schedule and accept payment for your other services. (The Web Store requires the Point of Sale/Retail module.)



  • Sell products online

  • Track inventory (in-store and online)

  • Get reorder notification emails

  • Set up pre-paid client accounts

  • Highlight featured products
  • Discount products or categories

  • Discount specific orders

  • Allow in-store pickup or shipping

  • Limit products to in-store or online

  • Add product attributes (color, size)
  • Charge or discount for attributes

  • Track when items have shipped

  • Customer interest tracking

  • Unlimited reports

  • Client relationship management
  • Set a flexible refund policy
  • Text and email notifications
  • Marketing tools
  • Email marketing integration
  • Custom permissions for staff


How Web Store Software Works

eSoft Planner’s web store works with the Point of Sale / Retail module to bring your in-store purchases online. Create products with multiple attributes (such as color and size) and track inventory for each product, ingredient and attribute, both in-store and online. You’ll get reorder notification emails when products are getting low, and your clients can get automated email receipts for every purchase. You can opt to allow shipping and/or in-store pickup for online sales. Our marketing tools help you reach out to members according to their interests, and you can enjoy unlimited reports on product sales, inventory, revenue and more.

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