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Get fewer no-shows, happier customers, and more cash from lessons when you use eSoft Planner

Hosting private and semi-private lessons or training requires careful attention to detail and a juggling a lot of moving parts – unless you use eSoft Planner. Our lesson scheduling software lets your clients schedule themselves, then updates your business schedule in real time online and completely eliminates any chance of double booking of space and instructors. Use our marketing tools that help you fill all your instructors’ schedules, choose from flexible commission structures for your staff, and quickly and easily run payroll.



  • Let staff add lesson availability
  • Set and track staff commissions
  • Track customer interests
  • Time clock in/out
  • Unlimited reports (incl payroll)
  • Flexible facility setup
  • Client relationship management
  • Unlimited locations for scheduling
  • Prevents double bookings
  • Marketing tools
  • Set a flexible refund policy
  • Text and email notifications
  • Set facility hours and closures
  • Email marketing integration
  • Online client self-service portal
  • Set different pricing for seasons
  • Custom permissions for staff
  • Restrict last-minute scheduling
  • Customize advanced scheduling
  • Restrict and prioritize space


How Lesson Scheduling Software Works

Adding your instructors’ lesson availability and then filling up that availability is easy with eSoft’s Lessons Planner. Add your instructors’ schedules, or let them add their own. Limit the type of lessons each instructor can teach and which locations lessons can be scheduled in. You can even set rules for how far in advance and with how little notice your clients can schedule. Then, let your customers book and pay for lessons from home at their convenience, and use our marketing tools to reach out to them according to their interests. Enrolled clients and staff will automatically get email and text reminders as their lesson approaches.

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