Manage your leagues schedule, location, registration and more with eSoft Planner.

eSoft Planner’s league feature allows you to easily manage your in facility leagues.  You can handle everything from registration to scheduling teams and even manage where in your facility these leagues will take place all in one area.  Set registration requirements, allow parents to pay individually or allow coaches for pay for the whole team when they sign up.  An additional benefit is the software allows you to mange payroll and schedules for officials crews.



  • Manage Registration
  • Create schedules
  • Coaches or Individual payments
  • Min and Max Age Restrictions
  • Grade Level requirements
  • Collect deposits
  • Notifications
  • Official Crew Management
  • Perfect for Dodgeball Leagues
  • Electronic waiver approvals
  • Allow players to see Standings
  • Customer Interest Tracking
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Flexible facility setup
  • Client relationship management
  • Marketing tools
  • Text and email notifications
  • Email marketing integration
  • Online client self-service portal
  • Custom permissions for coaches


How Sports League Software Works

Custom settings such as age or grade level restrictions, if you coach can pay for the whole team or if you want individuals to pay, and if you want to collect a deposit or full payment allow the registration process to be a breeze with leagues.  Once registered customers, coaches and staff will get notifications, be able to see schedules, standings and scores.  Schedules can also be auto assigned based off how many teams and games you want each to play, or you can change manually if you have certain teams who need to play a certain week.

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