eSoft Planner


eSoft Planner is produced by PPC Communications: a family-owned company in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mike Meszaros started PPC as a print marketing company in 1998. We expanded into web development and design over the years to meet demand from our clients.

In 2007, we created a custom, web-based scheduling system for one of our local web site clients, SWOBAT Sports Complex. (Mike played baseball growing up and at Wittenberg University, so he already had a special interest in youth sports.)

We quickly noticed how useful the system was. It made it easy for customers to pre-pay for cage rentals, easing the business’ cash flow. It sent automated email reminders to customers about their upcoming rental times, preventing revenue drain from late cancellations and no-shows. It also eliminated the need for a front-desk worker and added customer convenience, because SWOBAT clients could now manage their accounts from home at any time with the web-based system.

Mike saw that the tool would be a great help to other sports facilities, and worked to develop it into a robust software system: eSoft Planner.

As the rentals scheduling system become more popular, we added the ability for our clients to:

  • manage retail purchases and inventory
  • schedule lessons, classes and leagues
  • combine services in packages and memberships
  • create memberships tailored to swim clubs
  • easily add equipment and services to lessons and rentals
  • manage teams

Mike purchased what is now DNA Sports Center in 2010 to fill a need in his community for an elite sports training facility, as well as to provide a testing ground for eSoft Planner software. The staffs of DNA and eSoft Planner continue to work closely together to test the new features and understand the issues that sports facilities face. Many eSoft Planner staff also work at DNA and coach the baseball teams there.

PPC Communications still develops web sites and web applications and offers web hosting, mostly at special rates to our eSoft Planner clients.

eSoft Planner continues to grow, with clients all across the country. Most users are sports facilities and swim clubs, but we also have plenty of happy customers with music schools, sewing schools, personal training businesses, and more.

If you think we can help your business, Contact Us Today. We’d love to hear from you.