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eSoft Planner is a web-based scheduling and payment software that was built for sports facilities, but is also loved by swim clubs, swim schools, music schools, sewing studios, dance studios, cheer gyms, and more around the country.

Our software began in 2007 with a focus on introducing small businesses to the benefits of web-based scheduling, such as accepting online payments and having a real-time schedule that was accessible to all their staff and clients.

Since then, we’ve expanded eSoft Planner’s scheduling and payment software to include rentals, lessons, camps & classes, leagues, and even retail sales, as well as memberships and packages that allow users to combine those services together and sell them in many ways.

We pride ourselves on personal customer service with a consultative feel, helping our clients succeed by sharing the knowledge, experience and best practices that have worked for our most successful users. We test eSoft Planner at DNA Sports Center, a sports facility that we partner with closely to stay in the loop about all the issues facing small businesses with scheduling needs. Most of our staff has worked or still works as an athletic coach or staff instructor at a business similar to the ones we serve every day.

eSoft Planner is produced by PPC Communications, a web development company based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We have had successful experience in the following industries.

  • Sports Facilities

  • Sports Complexes

  • Swim Clubs

  • Swim Schools

  • Music Schools
  • Sewing Studios
  • Rec Sports
  • Baseball Academies
  • Softball Academies
  • Basketball Academies
  • Volleyball Clubs
  • Speed Training Schools
  • Batting Cages
  • Cheer Gyms
  • Dance Studios
  • … and many more

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