MVP Clubhouse - Marketing Waiver




The MVP Clubhouse takes advantage of the benefits of modern media and technology.  MVP staff members will record facility events in a variety of media and for various reasons.  Your child's picture may be taken for inclusion in facility publications (such as our website, newsletter, newspapers, et cetera) bulletin boards, presentations, and other facility-related activities.  If you do not want your child photographed for any reason at any time, please inform the owners/staff of the facility directly.


There are many occasions where we would like to share the good things that are going on at the MVP Clubhouse with the community.  In these instances, we often photograph or videotape events that we would like to share publicly.  By signing this form and designating YES below, you give us permission to do so.  If you do not give permission, then photos or video of your child will not be included in any external media sources.  


Be it known, that by granting the MVP Clubhouse permission, you jointly and generally forever release, discharge, acquit and forgive the MVP Clubhouse from any and all claims, actions, suits, agreements, liabilities and proceedings of every nature and description both at law and in equity arising from the use of the below-named participant/member's image in any public medium.