Batter's Alley - Marketing Waiver



Batter's Alley

527-529 Morgan Avenue

Palmyra, NJ 08065



I authorize Batter’s Alley to use photos, and/or other likenesses of myself and/or my child or the child for whom I have legal guardianship for any promotional materials regarding Batter’s Alley programs, facilities or services.  Such likenesses will not be sold to other parties. Promotional materials bearing these likenesses may be distributed for free to the public and posted on the Batter’s Alley website.  Batter’s Alley reserves the right to use any photo or likeness for a time period beginning when this form is signed and ending upon written request of participant, parent or legal guardian.


Participant’s Name, printed:  ___________________________________________


Participant’s Signature:  _____________________________ Date: ____________


Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________ Date: ____________

(if participant is under 18 years of age)