Premier Sports Warehouse - Registration Waiver

As a condition of participation in a Premier Sports Warehouse LLC or an affiliate sponsored event, I hereby give to Premier Sports Warehouse, and its affiliates, licensees and sponsors, my full and complete permission and consent to use and disclose my name and registered contact information, including home address and telephone number, and my picture, image, video, likeness, actions, voice, or other personally identifiable information (collectively your “Name and Image”), in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other images, captured by any means as part of my registration with and/or participation in any Premier Sports Warehouse LLC and/or a licensee and/or an affiliate sponsored event. Further, I waive all rights of privacy or compensation, which I may have in connection with my Name and Image as so captured in any media whatsoever, to be used by Premier Sports Warehouse LLC and/or its licensees, affiliates and/or sponsors for promotional purposes. Such promotional purposes include, but are not limited to, allowing access, view and use your Name and Image. I hereby grant Premier Sports Warehouse LLC and its affiliates, partners, sponsors, officials, employees, representatives, agents, licensees, and assigns the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use my Name and Image associated with any Premier Sports Warehouse LLC and/or affiliate sponsored events, media and in all manners, including the composite or altered representations. I consent to such uses and hereby waive all rights to compensation and any right to inspect or approve the finished product or image, regardless of format.


I hereby authorize Premier Sports Warehouse LLC to act for me in judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. I hereby waive, release and indemnify Premier Sports Warehouse LLC of all legal responsibilities in the event of injury to my child. I know of no mental or physical problems, which might affect my child's ability to safely participate in this event. I will be responsible for any medical charges in connection with his/her attendance of the event, before, during or while leaving any program. Please list any health or medical problems of registrant.


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