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12 Week Pitchers and Catchers Academy
Description: When athletes commit to 12 weeks and attend 36 session over 12 weeks, we offer a CASH BACK GUARANTEE that players will increase their velo by 4 MPH.
For players who see no increase, they will get receive $400 in cash.
For players who only increase 1 MPH, they will receive $300 in cash.
For players who only increase 2 MPH, they will receive $200 in cash.
For players who only increase 3 MPH, they will receive $100 in cash.

Learn how to safely increase your velo 3 – 7 mph while improving overall body strength and arm durability.

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This Velocity program and protocols were developed and refined through 30 years of research and testing. Designed to strengthen the shoulder and arm and reduce the incidence of injury, it increases velocity for both pitchers and position players.

Come increase your “velo” on the mound AND in the field. Pitchers are checked for velocity but scouts also look at arm strength when evaluating position players. A strong throw ALWAYS captures a scout’s eye.

The NPA are experts at developing rotational strength, overload/underload training, shoulder and elbow strengthening, speed and explosive power training, all of which contribute to higher velocities. Our program is the safest weighted ball training program available.

In this program you will:
*Be taught how to use the weighted balls properly to gain velocity
*Go through a strength & conditioning program to support the added velocity and rotational strength
*Learn about biomechanics and strength & conditioning to understand how to maintain a healthy arm and body

This is for athletes who can commit to working out 3 times/week for 12 weeks.
Purchase Deadline: December 31, 2021
Full Price: $499.68
Expiration: 6 month(s) from purchase
Package Contains: Camps/Classes:
  36 Pitching and Catching Academy/Path to 90MPH/NO DROP-INS, MUST PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP Camps/Classes